Take a Moment – Giving Back

An organization that I follow on Facebook (and happen to be involved in) has put out this request for assistance…and I’ve decided to join in the fun and send out my own request for help:

Here it goes:

Now, we all have heard about the flooding in Bismarck and Minot. And although the mess and destruction is tragic, we hardly ever think of the little things…like the little ones that are also struggling to make sense of it all, and are wondering when their world is going to be “normal” again. Well, we can help, at least a “little.”

Family Voices of North Dakota, VSA North Dakota: The State Organization on Arts and Disabilities and NDCPD are partnering together on a project to let children who have been affected by this disaster know that others in communities around the country are thinking of them.

They are asking for these things:

  • Notes of kindness
  • Notes of hope
  • Picture drawing/coloring from children about the flooding and their thoughts

The purpose of this project is to collect the submissions and to put together a collage. One will be for Minot (and surrounding area), and one will be for Bismarck (and surrounding area). The collage will be used for an exhibit in the months ahead, as recovery is in full swing.

Donations will also be accepted, serving as a fundraiser for these communities.

Notes, pictures, drawings, colorings and monetary donations can be sent to:

Family Voices of North Dakota, PO Box 163, Edgeley, ND 58433

Questions??? Call (888) 522-9654

If you are sending in a picture or drawing, please send it in a large enough envelope as not to fold it (they would hate to have such hard work be destroyed by creases!!!).

Alrighty, folks, those are the details…now get to being creative, inspiring and colorful! And don’t forget to involve your children, you daycares, your schools, your churches…anyone who would love to share some love and joy (and a little sunshine!)!





North Dakota nice…even when flooding

Have you heard the term “North Dakota nice” used before? Around here, it means that no matter what, you’re polite and kind, even to total strangers. And it happens…a lot.

And now we use it for our road signs…as I saw yesterday on the way to baseball/tee-ball:

Please...and thank you.

We’re flooding around here. And although it’s nothing like what’s going on north of us, it’s pretty significant for our area. Now our roads are flooding in places that have never flooded before…but we’re being nice about it. We’re remembering our manners and asking nicely for everyone to “take turns.”

The highway now has water over the road. It's one vehicle only crossing, so please, take turns!


My Mom tried to take a picture of the water we were driving through, but it's basically just a picture of her taking a picture. LOL! 🙂


If you're traveling Highway 11 east of Ellendale, please be careful!

But, it’s not just that way here. If you check out the Minot News Facebook page, you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of instances of “North Dakota nice,” where people ask for help and receive it. Or people offere assistance without even being asked.
People have offered truck driving assistance, storage spaces, places to sleep, walking pets, watching children, packing items, you name it, it’s been offered. (Even licensed massage therapists have offered their assistance!)
A lady posted on Facebook that an elderly woman needed assistance evacuating. Within seconds, the call for help was answered and more than 30 people showed up to pack what they could and help her out.
I guess you could say that’s just how we operate. You take care of what you can…and when you can’t, someone will usually be there to help you out. Most of the time, you don’t even have to ask for the help, it’s just there.
But, back to the ball game…and a very important announcement! The boys love their summer ballgames, even when they don’t have many opportunities to play, thanks to the rainy summer we’ve had!

It's a big swing for this little batter!


Happy Birthday Big Bro!!! Where did the last 9 years go???

Today is a very special birthday for a very special boy…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO! Nine years ago we were blessed with you…and every day I thank God for having you in our family! I am one lucky Mama indeed!!!

Losing the farm

No, we’re not losing our farm…and I hope we never have to face that kind of hardship, but unfortunately I know too many that have.

As I read headlines and articles regarding the devastating flooding in the south, I can’t help but think of those to the north of us. Although Louisiana, Missouri and other southern states are undergoing some drastic water issues right now, those in the Devils Lake area have been fighting these same types of issues for years. The only difference has been timing.

I wonder which would be easier…watching your hard work disappear in the blink of an eye, knowing that there is nothing you can do about it, or watching slowly, year after year, as the water creeps steadily closer? Knowing that there are answers and resources available to stop (or at least slow down) the advancement of the water, but not be able to access those resources? Knowing that local, state and federal government is well aware of what’s happening, people come and tour your devastation, and yet nothing is done.

How would that feel?

Would it be better to lose your farmland in a flash of water? A wave that washes over your land, wiping it clean like a slate, but then having the opportunity to reclaim and rebuild what you once had? Or watch as the water claims the land that you once farmed, lived on, called home…knowing that you may never be able to return to it again?

Unfortunately, both are realities. And not only are the landowners and the farmers the losers in this battle. Each and every one of us has a stake and are hurt when farmland is lost.

As the world’s population continues to grow, those involved in farming and acres available to farm are on a decline. Losing thousands of acres to flooding isn’t going to help matters any.

Hopefully the water will recede quickly in the south, and we’ll be able to reclaim some of that fertile ground. But the answer for those in the Devils Lake area seems to be further off…and the longer it takes, the more we’ll ALL be hurting.

It may not seem like much now, but it’s a pain we should ALL be sharing in…and ALL be trying to find a solution.