Take a Moment – Giving Back

An organization that I follow on Facebook (and happen to be involved in) has put out this request for assistance…and I’ve decided to join in the fun and send out my own request for help:

Here it goes:

Now, we all have heard about the flooding in Bismarck and Minot. And although the mess and destruction is tragic, we hardly ever think of the little things…like the little ones that are also struggling to make sense of it all, and are wondering when their world is going to be “normal” again. Well, we can help, at least a “little.”

Family Voices of North Dakota, VSA North Dakota: The State Organization on Arts and Disabilities and NDCPD are partnering together on a project to let children who have been affected by this disaster know that others in communities around the country are thinking of them.

They are asking for these things:

  • Notes of kindness
  • Notes of hope
  • Picture drawing/coloring from children about the flooding and their thoughts

The purpose of this project is to collect the submissions and to put together a collage. One will be for Minot (and surrounding area), and one will be for Bismarck (and surrounding area). The collage will be used for an exhibit in the months ahead, as recovery is in full swing.

Donations will also be accepted, serving as a fundraiser for these communities.

Notes, pictures, drawings, colorings and monetary donations can be sent to:

Family Voices of North Dakota, PO Box 163, Edgeley, ND 58433

Questions??? Call (888) 522-9654

If you are sending in a picture or drawing, please send it in a large enough envelope as not to fold it (they would hate to have such hard work be destroyed by creases!!!).

Alrighty, folks, those are the details…now get to being creative, inspiring and colorful! And don’t forget to involve your children, you daycares, your schools, your churches…anyone who would love to share some love and joy (and a little sunshine!)!





3 thoughts on “Take a Moment – Giving Back

  1. I have a little ar-teest in my house that would probably LOVE to participate. She is actually attending an art camp this year, so she definitely has art on the mind. Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. Anyone with a little more time on their hands can pop into the Municipal Auditorium any day except Monday and get out to work the same day. Got an afternoon to spare? Give it a go! Volunteers are helping affected residents to muck and gut their homes. No previous experience is necessary but you should be prepared to get dirty! To get involved, or for more information, call 710-347-1727 or email projectminot@hands.org.

    The desk in the auditorium is managed by All Hands Volunteers. Find out more at http://www.hands.org.


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