It doesn’t take distance

I recently traveled with my boys on our first “real” vacation. It was a blast, and I have to thank Miss A for planning 99.9% of it. I seriously do not know what I did to deserve her, but I thank God every day that she’s been in our lives.

A vehicle of love and matter where we're going!

A vehicle of love and fun…no matter where we’re going!

After returning, I started thinking about the trip and what it meant to my family. And then a comment was made to me that really got me thinking – do we really need to get away to love each other?

Now, hear me out before you judge what I’m saying.

I love my boys dearly. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. And they knew that, whether or not we went away on a vacation. Our relationship did not improve, nor did it change, just by leaving the farm. All that the vacation did was give me some amazing memories and removed a few distractions. It didn’t strengthen my love. It didn’t change how I felt. It wasn’t a magic cure-all.

Because it doesn’t take distance to know how you feel. Your heart knows…whether you travel a mile, or 1,300 of them.

The same can be said for anyone in a relationship, whether it be husband-wife, sisters, friends, etc. You don’t have to go anywhere to make someone feel loved. Does it feel good to sometimes “get away” from it all? Sure. But it shouldn’t change your feelings towards the people you’re with. No, going on a vacation just relieves a few of the pressures. It eliminates that nagging feeling that there’s something else you “should” be doing. It makes it easier to just enjoy the moment. But it doesn’t change the heart.

Do I love my boys more now that we’ve returned? Nope. But I don’t love them any less, either. My love was never based on the place where we were located.

Because the distance between two hearts is no greater than the space you allow.

WW – Summer vacation, our first ever!

Yes, you read correctly. Our family took its first vacation together…ever. And it was so much fun!

It started off with buying a camper from my Prairie Mama friend from over at Pinke Post. It’s a beautiful camper, complete with everything I could dream of…and perfect for us!

Our first trip with it? About 9 hours east of us, to a family reunion near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Yes, we ventured that far on our maiden voyage. We’re stupid brave.

The best part of all? No problems. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

And it has me hooked. I can’t wait to go again!

Look, Mom! It’s time to play!

Jumping on the ground pillow with Scooter. George quickly learned that Scooter’s weight was a force to be reckoned with!


Not sure about his first boat ride.

Beautiful scenery!

I caught a fish! Boss Man was nice enough to take a picture…and yes, I bait my own hook.

Another photo


with the…


Time to go home!

Guess who decided that he liked the boat?