WW – Summer vacation, our first ever!

Yes, you read correctly. Our family took its first vacation together…ever. And it was so much fun!

It started off with buying a camper from my Prairie Mama friend from over at Pinke Post. It’s a beautiful camper, complete with everything I could dream of…and perfect for us!

Our first trip with it? About 9 hours east of us, to a family reunion near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Yes, we ventured that far on our maiden voyage. We’re stupid brave.

The best part of all? No problems. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

And it has me hooked. I can’t wait to go again!

Look, Mom! It’s time to play!

Jumping on the ground pillow with Scooter. George quickly learned that Scooter’s weight was a force to be reckoned with!


Not sure about his first boat ride.

Beautiful scenery!

I caught a fish! Boss Man was nice enough to take a picture…and yes, I bait my own hook.

Another photo


with the…


Time to go home!

Guess who decided that he liked the boat?












4 thoughts on “WW – Summer vacation, our first ever!

  1. SO FUN!
    And Chris does the same thing with the camera-I have to ask him to take a pic and then he snaps like 20!
    And oh my that boy is a doll!!!!!

    • Yes, there was a frenzy of photos and he had taken 15 pics of me catching that fish! It was a blast and we will definitely be going again, with or without him! (That’s why I made sure we bought a camper that I could handle!) 🙂

  2. Awesome, good for you guys on taking a family trip! I have never seen a ground pillow before! Good family pictures and memories!

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