WW – Preparing for winter

It’s hard to believe, but as summer has flown by, it’s also time for us to prepare for winter on the farm. And that includes loading our haymow (the top floor of our barn) with straw (what’s left after we harvest our wheat).

Check it out:

The end of the load of straw that was stacked in our barn.

This attachment for our skidsteer can grab 20 small square bales at one time, making it possible to load and unload our bales without touching them by hand. it saves a LOT of time!

Heading to the barn.

So much easier than trying to lift or toss each one up!

We had a crew of 4 inside the barn stacking the bales…including my little sister, affectionately referred to as “Brat Child.” (And yes, she knows she has the nickname…it’s been with her since she was little…and it fits!) 😉





Tuesday Farm Update

So, during all this craziness, I actually got my Flipcam out again and shot some video of Wheat Harvest 2011. It’s not my best work, but at this point, I’m surprised it’s not just a video of me in the fetal position in the corner sucking my thumb and clicking my heels, saying, “There’s no place like home.” I think you get my point.