Is God in our schools? Most definitely

I wasn’t going to write about the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Connecticut. I would rather not relive the pain and anguish I felt for those affected by one person’s senseless act of terrorism…yet, since I intend to print out this blog as a record for my children, I figure that I need to write down my thoughts on this, so they can understand how I felt.

First of all, let me say that the events that took place make me physically ill. I cannot imagine what would take place in a person’s life that would make such actions seem to be the answer.Yet, I’m grateful for not understanding. I couldn’t imagine being in such a dark place.

The wonders of social media has allowed so many to comment, hypothesize, preach, debate and lament the downfalls of our society, issues with gun laws and the existence of a higher being.

I don’t think it’s shocking for me to explain that I believe in God. And the reason I believe in God is simple…my heart tells me it’s so. But I’m not going to debate the existence of God…I want to talk about one of the items flying around Facebook.


It claims that God is not allowed in schools. I beg to differ.

I know that every day I send my children to school, God is there. I know that if my children are having problems with something, whether in a school building, a vehicle, or their home, they know that they can talk to Him at any point in time. There isn’t a doorway, a set of rules or a lecture that can take Him out of their heart.

God is not a sign on a wall, or a set of rules you’re expected to live by. He’s more than a picture in a hallway or a cross on a wall.

I cannot explain away what happened yesterday. I can’t tell my children why, I can’t guarantee them that nothing like this will ever happen again. As much as I want to, I cannot protect them from everything evil in our world.

Yet, I can reassure them of one thing…no one can determine what is in their heart but them.

And that is how God gets to school…each and every day.