Is God in our schools? Most definitely

I wasn’t going to write about the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Connecticut. I would rather not relive the pain and anguish I felt for those affected by one person’s senseless act of terrorism…yet, since I intend to print out this blog as a record for my children, I figure that I need to write down my thoughts on this, so they can understand how I felt.

First of all, let me say that the events that took place make me physically ill. I cannot imagine what would take place in a person’s life that would make such actions seem to be the answer.Yet, I’m grateful for not understanding. I couldn’t imagine being in such a dark place.

The wonders of social media has allowed so many to comment, hypothesize, preach, debate and lament the downfalls of our society, issues with gun laws and the existence of a higher being.

I don’t think it’s shocking for me to explain that I believe in God. And the reason I believe in God is simple…my heart tells me it’s so. But I’m not going to debate the existence of God…I want to talk about one of the items flying around Facebook.


It claims that God is not allowed in schools. I beg to differ.

I know that every day I send my children to school, God is there. I know that if my children are having problems with something, whether in a school building, a vehicle, or their home, they know that they can talk to Him at any point in time. There isn’t a doorway, a set of rules or a lecture that can take Him out of their heart.

God is not a sign on a wall, or a set of rules you’re expected to live by. He’s more than a picture in a hallway or a cross on a wall.

I cannot explain away what happened yesterday. I can’t tell my children why, I can’t guarantee them that nothing like this will ever happen again. As much as I want to, I cannot protect them from everything evil in our world.

Yet, I can reassure them of one thing…no one can determine what is in their heart but them.

And that is how God gets to school…each and every day.

13 thoughts on “Is God in our schools? Most definitely

  1. I am having a difficult time processing this event. A friend of mine, Jamon, wrote this and it gave me some comfort:

    a man walks into a room full of children. the children are sitting on a large circular rug, coloring pictures of farm animals. the man is still a child among adults but the children in that room could never imagine him as a playmate. he’s simply too tall and seems too cold. but he’s crying like a child. and his mother, their teacher, is right there. the children put down their crayons and watch the man. his knees shake and his words come out like pop pop pop. he’s talking loudly and the children cover their ears. some lie on their bellies and hold their coloring books over their heads. the children hear at least a hundred words. the words come quick and rattle the windows. the man is upset with his mother and the children don’t know what to do. the glare of sunlight off of aquarium glass distracts the man and he stops talking for a moment. two children sitting near the man stand up and walk toward him. each child holds one of his hands as they walk him onto the rug. the children tug on the man’s hands and he sits down next to them. his mother who had been silent this whole time walks up behind the man, kneels down, and wraps her arms around his slumped shoulders. the man and his mother are crying and the children unclench their little fists.

    • Events like this…I don’t think they can ever be processed, I don’t think we can ever figure it out. Your friends words put things into a perspective that few ever reach. Comfort…it’s funny how much that word means to us now, isn’t it? I will spend the weekend, enjoying every minute with my children. Thank you, Chris.

  2. The fact that God is not allowed in our schools is NOT why this happened. I feel knowing God – who he is and how He can help with EVERY detail of our lives – is not being #1 priority in a lot of families right now. The family unit is deteriorating at a rapid pace in this country. I’m certain this hurts God more than anything!

  3. Excellent thoughts, Val. I love “they know that they can talk to Him at any point in time. There isn’t a doorway, a set of rules or a lecture that can take Him out of their heart.” That is important for adults to remember too!

  4. As I began to read your post i started to get angry with you, “how can this woman say that God is in our school.” As I continued to read….and your are absolutly right….They can’t take God out of our hearts, or take the angles away as they are guarding our children in school. God is everywhere, just because they remove pictures, bibles, etc. they havn’t touched the Lord cuz he isn’t going anywhere. When we pray for protection, or patience to ourselves he is there for us. Thank you so much for openeing my eyes today about this…..Have a great great holiday

    • Yes, at first I completely agreed with the posts going around, wanting God to be allowed in the hallways of our school buildings. It wasn’t until I really started thinking about it that I realized how wrong I was. I know in my heart that my children are believers, and that they carry Him with them, wherever they go. That is my comfort. My holiday has already been blessed, beyond belief…and I hope yours is as well.

  5. I so agree! Very glad we’re not the only ones who think this. We try to teach or children, they do attend a Christian School, but I know not everyone there is perfect including us. And know if our children were at any other school God is with them! He promises that!

  6. Oh I just popped over from Robyn’s blog, this is a very good post I believe you are right.
    It is a terrible thing and I do not believe God in the school or out of the school would have made a difference in this case. I do know God in your children’s heart will help them get over reading and watching and hearing all the things that are being said. I am happy that your children have that. B

  7. I wish someone would get it straight. It isn’t that God is not allowed in school. The issue is that public schools are not the agents to teach about a specific God or way to worship. As a parent, I don’t want a teacher, administrator, coach of another denomination or religion teaching my children which way to worship. That is MY job and the job of my clergy and church leaders. So…..

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