School Carnival Craziness

Friday night was the Casper Carnival in Ellendale. It’s a carnival hosted by the SADD group and it gives the kids a chance to have some good, clean fun…but I also realized a few things:

The dreaded goldfish game.

1) The hot game at the carnival is the ping-pong bounce, where you try to get the ping pong ball into a glass jar. And win a goldfish. I must have my head examined for allowing my children to play the game, but they love it. For many years in a row now, my children tote home some goldfish and I wait patiently for them to die. The math ends up something like this:

Amount spent to win $0.50 goldfish – $20

Amount spent on supplies – $30 (tank, food, water…oh, and don’t forget the goldfish toys…yes, I said goldfish toys…you know, the cool stuff in the tank?)

And then, after spending all that time and money on goldfish “stuff,” I spend the next few weeks taking care of them…all while secretly hoping to find them floating in the morning. And no, they are still alive…today.

2) Scooter will spend $10 to win one can of pop…and then give it away to someone who hasn’t won yet. And that is awesome! (Don’t worry, he went on to win a 12-pack more…but I did convince him to share with his cousins, so he only had one to drink the next day.)

3) EJ believes that giving two tickets at the cake walk should be all you need to do, before walking home with a cake. This whole walking in circles until the music stops is for the birds! And then waiting for your number to be called? Not his cup of tea. Well, until he won a plate of cupcakes.

Just waiting on his fish.

4) The fishing pond will ALWAYS be the best game ever. You stand there, throw the line over and win something. Simple, to the point, and a no-brainer. That’s my kind of game-of-chance.

5) Duck ponds don’t work if you don’t like water. EJ was excited about playing the game, until he realized he had to get close to the pool of water. Then he thought maybe Mom should help him out. Sorry, son, I’m a little old for that! But I did hold his hand while he reached down…and neither of us fell in!

6) Big crowds scare George. He was excited about the games…until he realized that he had to share space with all those people. Grandma quickly realized that this wasn’t his idea of fun and took him to her house. He was much happier playing trains without his brother competing for space, than he was waiting in line. Just don’t tell his brother!

Scooter, right, and his buddy enjoyed playing on the pillow fight. I'm considering setting one up in the house.

All-in-all it was a great night, for a great cause! And the best part is that it will be another whole year before we get another goldfish!

WW – A Passion for 4H

Sunday was the annual 4H carnival at a near-by town. Scooter was tickled pink to be a part of it, and eventually Big Bro warmed up to the idea. Check out some of the great pics!

Why yes, yes it does!

Great cake for the cake walk!

Big Bro kept playing the cake walk game until this cake was gone. He was disappointed that it didn't come home with us.

Face painting, er, arm painting booth.

Scooter wanted to help out with the face painting, but he's only 8 and I didn't think he would do a very good job. Mom was wrong, and is proud to admit it. He made this flame, with oranges and yellows, and did an amazing job. He was so incredibly focused. Thank you, 4H!