Fair Week!

It’s almost over, the craziness that is the county fair. I never understood how busy it could be, but now my boys are in 4-H…and I’m a fair board member. (Well, or at least I work on fair publicity, and some logistics.)

So, what are the boys up to? Well, we’ve been working on projects for months, so that it was not a crazy mad-dash to the end…and it kind of worked, but kind of didn’t. I don’t think it matters what you try to prepare for, sometimes you just end up flying by the seat of your pants.

For example, the Big Bro entered some veggies…and yet, with the weather conditions, we don’t have much to show for it, even with watering. But a few things did work out, like our dinosaur planters.

Big Bro loved getting these ready for the fair!

And a pillow made out of bandanas:

Big Bro told me that sewing wasn’t his thing…and then after the project he said, “Well, you didn’t tell me it was fun!” 😉 I can’t tell him ALL the secrets!

I just need to make it through this week…make…it…through.

Is it Sunday yet?

4 thoughts on “Fair Week!

  1. You do a great job Val, believe me I know the feeling, tho I was never on Fair Board; it’s still a famly affair. Good Luck to the boys and you. Rachel

  2. Awesome little Dino planters, they are cute, and I really like his pillow! My girls are going to be in 4H this fall, I cant wait! WE love Fair season also.

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