Some Sweet Sweet Corn

My family is a big fan of sweet corn. Big fan. The only issue has been the amount of time and work that it takes (which I will admit, has mostly fallen on the shoulders of my father-in-law).

Imagine my excitement when a late-night Facebook conversation turned into an offer to test an acre of sweet corn? And not just any sweet corn…but sweet corn that could be planted with our field corn, without having to worry about killing it? I was beside myself with joy!

Now, if you haven’t put two and two together yet, this isn’t your regular sweet corn. It’s Round Up Ready sweet corn that’s been developed by Monsanto. (Wow, I was able to say Monsanto without thunder booming, clouds rolling and some menacing creature showing up.)

Now, that last comment was just me being funny. I have no problem with Monsanto, or any other seed development company. And no, I’m not on the payroll. I’m just simply a mother of four working on new ways to feed my children. Monsanto is just one of the companies that we purchase seed from, and they have no say in what we plant, where we plant it, or other management-type decisions that Boss Man makes.

So what about biotechnology? Aren’t I afraid of the unknowns? The simple answer is…well, simply no. Advancements are how we were able to increase food production, while we decrease our carbon footprint, lower soil erosion and improve our environment overall.

Every where I look, I see where technology (especially biotechnology) has made improvements in our world. Need some examples? How about burpless cucumbers? Seedless cottonwoods? Tomatoes that don’t soften after harvest?

I have no problem with any of these things.

So, in this instance, the sweet corn that we planted has a trait built in, that will help it stand up to insects, and makes it possible for the plant to survive if treated with herbicides (those are chemicals that we sometimes use to eliminate weeds in our fields). Now, before you get ahead of me, let me tell you that we have no desire to spray our corn with herbicides, unless we have to…and sometimes that happens.

Our fields were treated right before planting, so the weeds out there presently should die soon. We won’t have to reapply any herbicide until later in the year, and only if we have a weed issue. (Trust me, we don’t apply chemicals unless we have to…and that’s after a discussion with our crop consultant AND checking out each field ourselves.)

So, here we are, sweet corn in the ground, waiting for some rain and excited to see where the year takes us!

This is the sweet corn we planted!

Getting ready, making sure equal amounts of seed are in each.

Going in the ground!

Look at those rows! Love it! See the residue left from last year’s crop? And the weeds that are there should be dying in the next day or so.

I’d like to thank Monsanto for providing us the opportunity to test out a new product (Obsession II). Although the sweet corn seed was provided to us, the thoughts and photos are my own.

14 thoughts on “Some Sweet Sweet Corn

  1. and are you going to mark where those rows of sweet corn are so I can go steal a few ears? We’ve grown Monsanto seed too….I think milo. We also no-till…I love seeing dead weeds! Isn’t Round-up ready stuff wonderful?!

    • Ha! Sure, I can mark the rows for you…but how about I just get you some sweet corn to taste when it’s ready? Then you don’t have to steal any! The rows are marked through GPS on Mark’s iPad that he has in the tractor…and what a story that is! I’m really excited about this project, and trust me, with an acre of sweet corn, we have plenty to go around!

  2. I have been “silently” reading your blog for awhile now. Today solidified that you will keep a spot on my “reader” i am from a small town close to you. Everything you just said about monsato rant true for me. I have worked for a custom application business in the summers since i graduated from high school and we sold monsanto products! I grew up on a farm and am married to a farmer. We are a monsanto family 🙂

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  4. I only thought about Round Up Ready sweet corn yesterday as I was hoeing our small plot. Is this product only available for commercial growers i.e. you have to buy massive amounts of seed?

    • John, Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier. Right now the biotech sweet corn we have offers both Roundup Ready and Bt for insect control. Bt requires quite a bit of stewardship and is governed by the EPA. We currently are unable to seel this product on a garden basis. Bums me out too cause I’d love to have some of it in my garden! (PS I work for Monsanto)

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