Hunk of Meat Monday – Cheesy Chicken Hashbrowns

I had part of a bag of hashbrowns leftover this weekend, so I decided to throw some stuff together and it turned out to be such a big hit, that I thought I would share it with you!

Cheesy Chicken Hashbrowns


  • package of frozen hashbrowns
  • shredded chicken (I used the Schwan’s Philly Style Chicken, but you could even use the fajita meat, leftover chicken, etc.)
  • shredded cheese
  • butter

Simply start the hashbrowns the way you normally would.

Start off with a little bit of butter in the bottom of a skillet. After it’s melted, throw your hasbrowns in and cook as you normally would.

Split the pan in two, and cook (heat-through) your chicken on one side.

When the hashbrowns are just about done, flip them over, so they take up only half the pan. Throw your chicken in on the empty half and let it cook (or reheat, whatever it may be).

When chicken is cooked-through, combine the two.

When the chicken is heated through, combine the two halves together and cook until done. (Crispy, not-so-crispy…whatever your preference for hashbrowns.)

Top with cheese. Why? Because there is nothing that isn’t better with cheese…well, except maybe ice cream…maybe.

Top with cheese. Serve, enjoy! Super simple, but oh, so good! You could also add in onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc.

Super simple meal, easy way to use leftovers!


3 thoughts on “Hunk of Meat Monday – Cheesy Chicken Hashbrowns

  1. Val, I am just having a very proud Mom moment and had to share….Being from Wisconsin, I am sure you will understand. Our daughter, Rochelle, was just crowned the 65th Alice in Dairyland at UW-Platteville (where she graduated from in 2009)! It was such an exciting night when a over 75% of the crowd was cheering for her…old professors and anyone who has worked with her in the Agricultural field, family and friends. The place exploded with applause when she was announced. They wisked her off to instant media interviews and on the way down the hall there was a very loud outburst of cheers from the kitchen and wait staff (who were mostly students.)! Their remarks, “Platteville’s got Alice!!!!” Just had to share! 🙂 Lori Ripp

    • That is AWESOME!!!! Last year I judged the North Dakota Dairy Princess contest, and a good friend of mine is the coordinator for Minnesota, North and South Dakota, so I know how hard-working and talented these young women are…please let her know that as an ag woman born in Wisconsin, that I’m also very, very proud of her! Congratulations to all of you! 🙂

      • Rochelle is actually the one who showed my your blog and thought I’d enjoy reading about all your happenings in North Dakota! Hers is a 1 year state job…she will trave 40,000 WI miles, give 400+ speeches and make 300+ 4th grade school visits to educate children how to make healthy food choices,plus all types of media interviews. Her first interview is on WI Farm Bureau…If you want to hear it…go to and tab to News/Pub and click on listen and hear her first interview. She is 25 and I think has a fresh view of ag, a little different incite than previous Alice’s…she studied international Ag in Holland and traveled to Polland, Italy, Germany, England, and Ireland for 6 months and came home appreciating WI diverse agriculture more than ever and chose to run. We have a lot in our country that we really take for granted!
        🙂 I am judging a county fairest of the fair contest next month!

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