WW – A Passion for 4H

Sunday was the annual 4H carnival at a near-by town. Scooter was tickled pink to be a part of it, and eventually Big Bro warmed up to the idea. Check out some of the great pics!

Why yes, yes it does!

Great cake for the cake walk!

Big Bro kept playing the cake walk game until this cake was gone. He was disappointed that it didn't come home with us.

Face painting, er, arm painting booth.

Scooter wanted to help out with the face painting, but he's only 8 and I didn't think he would do a very good job. Mom was wrong, and is proud to admit it. He made this flame, with oranges and yellows, and did an amazing job. He was so incredibly focused. Thank you, 4H!


9 thoughts on “WW – A Passion for 4H

  1. 4H is awesome! I cant wait to get my girls in it, we have to wait until fall, but we are excited for it. Such a great program, and it looks like you guys all had fun!

  2. Ditto Val! Thanks for the great press. If anyone is interested there are more awesome pics compliments of Holli Jo Kronberg on the Dickey County 4-H Facebook page!

  3. We homeschool our children and 4-H is a huge part of our schooling. The lifeskills they learned through competition and leadership are awesome!

  4. Val, I have been a 4-H leader for 15+ years, currently serve (again) as the Organizational Leader for our Dane Dandy Doers 4-H here in WI and serve on our fair board. I know first hand what 4-H offers to all kinds of children. Thank you for the positive press…4-H touches so many lives, teaches kids to be well-rounded and problem solvers, and builds strong communities.
    Our 4-H club was asked to be accident victims for a mock bus accident as training for our local fire dept and Med flight. My son was only 10 years old at the time. It left such an impression in him that when he was a senior in high school (and a great lineman for the football team) he chose to take fireman training during his football season. I asked him when did he decide that he wanted to be a fireman and he said during that 4-H event that he knew he wanted to be one of those guys (volunteer firemen) and help people! He is now a senior at UW-Platteville…an Animal Science major and still comes home every weekend, so he can be on-call for our local fire dept. He just help form the first UW-Platteville Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter…He was elected as president and runs his agenda just like we did in 4-H where served as president and used Robert’s Rules.
    4-H does make a difference in a lot of lives it touches!
    Thanks again for supporting 4-H….You and your family are already Blue Ribbon Winners in our book!
    🙂 Lori

    • I pray every night that my sons become the amazing young man that yours has become…and your kind words have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you…and thank you to 4-H, for giving my children these opportunities.

      • They will…because they have parents who love and care that they grow into good citizens, teach them how to care for the land and nurture their animals and people…Your blog is so inspiring…and they learn by example…and you and your husband give them many examples every day. Let me know if you ever get to WI…I would love to meet you in person!
        (Our 16 year old son is dyslexic and is the president of our 4-H club…it has given him the confidence to speak to a group, run a meeting, and mentor children in their dairy and swine projects. 4-H did all that and more…it keeps getting better and better!!! ) 🙂

  5. Wisconsin Extension celebrates 100 years in 2012! You are so right…All those 4-H agents deserve a standing ovation and a big THANK YOU!

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