Ag Book of the Day 9

Today’s Ag Book of the Day was brought to my attention by my dear, dear friend Katie at Pinke Post:

“If You’re Not From the Prairie” by David Bouchard and Henry Ripplinger. It’s suggested for children in grades four through seven, but I believe any child of any age can relate to the amazing lines of poetry.

Although I do not own this book yet, I will by the end of the weekend…if the weather allows us to travel. (We’re under a winter storm warning for tomorrow…Yay!)

This book has beautiful poetry and great illustrations of what life is really like on the prairie. It’s a strong reminder of all the things that we take for granted, especially when winter is dragging on a day or three too long!

Do you have any other suggestions of ag-related books that you enjoy? Young or old alike?

3 thoughts on “Ag Book of the Day 9

  1. I used to teach A Day Np Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck to my lower-level freshmen, so this book would be from upper middle school on up to 105 😉 It’s about a farm family in Vermont. The father processes pigs, his son raises one, and you can see where this is headed. There is some great humor and life lessons to be found in this book. I would suggest that parents read along with younger kids, as there are some real-life farm moments included on breeding and what happens to pigs when they (she) cannot produce.

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