Reflecting (Ag Book of the Day 10)

I’ve been reading more and more situations lately, where churches and others are making broad statements regarding farming, and the decisions that farmers should make.

I have a real hard time with that. I do not know of one farmer that would ever make a decision, based solely on financial gain, without thinking to the future or what will happen to their land if they abuse or misuse it. Yet, those are the implications that are made everyday by some that are not actually physically involved in production agriculture. Now, I’m not so naive as to think that those types of farmers/ranchers don’t exist, but we can’t cast down all of agriculture for them, can we?

Well, I don’t want to delve too deeply into it today, because it’s Friday, and it’s snowing, and I’m already in a bad mood. But I want to bring your attention to a blog I wrote about it a little while back…and I still stand behind it today. What if these tools have been given to us to use? What if technology isn’t an “accident” at all? Hmmm…

Anyway…on to Ag Book of the Day 10:

Today, I went with an old stand-by…not because I don’t have any others to choose from, but because I have it on my Kindle. How’s that for combining traditional ag-themed children’s books and modern technology??? Without further ado, welcome to

“Old McDonald Had a Farm” and it’s now available wirelessly! πŸ™‚
not only does it have great illustrations (if you have the original version, the illustrations are definitely funnier, and not so politically correct!), but it also teaches young children about the sounds of the farm, and how busy it can be! And who can forget one of the greatest nursery rhymes of all time???
I just had to throw this one in the mix, since it is on my Kindle. Next week I’ll be back to more obscure and lesser-known books, but for now…ENJOY!

3 thoughts on “Reflecting (Ag Book of the Day 10)

  1. I did not know churches were getting their feet in the “poo.” We haven’t had that problem our way. If people can do simple math, they will soon understand that more people = more places for them to live = less ground for farmers to farm = perhaps less food to feed the more people! If technology will allow us to SAFELY produce more food in less space, that has to be the way we go. The “more people” part of the equation is going to continue, so the rest of the dominoes will also fall. OYE!

    Just about time to get ready to head in to the girls’ school to help with the fish fry. DID I really use “to” four times in that sentence~! Geez! I may have to turn in my English diploma! πŸ˜‰

    I think they raised our temps for tomorrow so we should not see any of your snow. April 17, 1961, (one year and one month to the day that I was born!) we had a blizzard that hit all of Indiana. My mom and dad still talk about that one. I tell them to not tell such stories until July! πŸ˜‰ Hang in there! We will be cussing the hear soon enough!

  2. Hmm. . . I need to be reading what you are because things may not be as I thought they were? Around here, the churches praise farmers, course most of the people who go to our churches are either small family farmers or are retired farmers.
    I can see where churches would make a stand on “protecting God’s work”, but I’m thinking the churches you’ve run across are targeting the wrong culprit.

    • You would really think so, wouldn’t you? Especially in such rural areas…but sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now, in my case, people understand that the information that comes down from the hierarchy of the church isn’t necessarily correct information (sources of information is crucial), but I know of other local churches that are having the same types of problems.

      This post by a dear friend of mine, Sarah Wilson, explains some of the issues she has come across, which even led her and her family to find a new church home. Although it wasn’t a decision she came to lightly, she knows now that it was the right decision for her family to make.

      And I do agree with you 100% Ashley, the wrong culprit is definitely being targeted. Thank you for commenting!

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