Signs of spring – Ag Book of the Day 8

For those new to my blog, the month of april is Cultivating Reading month at our school. In support of such a great month, I’ve decided to feature an Ag Book for each day of school. Today is day eight!

And since we’re entering the half-way point of April (and it’s Wordless Wednesday…hmmm, Wordy Wednesday?), I’ve decided to include some pics of sure signs of spring:

Lilacs budding? Check.

Tulips coming up? Check.

Green grass? Sandal weather? Check and check.

Shop open for repairs?

Parts arrived? Check.

But the best sign of spring? Outdoor bathroom is open for business.

Today’s Ag Book of the Day is:

When the Rooster Crowed

“When the Rooster Crowed” by Patricia Little. It’s a really great book about a farmer that wants just a few more moments of rest before starting his chores in the morning…but too many people and animals are relying on him! It’s a cute story, with great illustrations, and my boys love reading it, especially when they’ve gone one too many mornings without seeing Dad.

10 thoughts on “Signs of spring – Ag Book of the Day 8

    • Yes, it’s a lesson you quickly try to teach! Although EJ did once use the “bathroom” on a brand new combine tire…while still at the dealership. *sigh* Memories…

  1. Love your blog! I just came across it, and I’ll definitely be following along on your farm adventures. Particularly like your “industrial love for ag” post. 🙂

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