When headlines hit home

The headlines in the news lately have been overwhelming, to say the least. Whether it’s plunging markets, crop disasters, social unrest or just the “regular” ridiculousness that seems to be coming from the highest office in our country, it’s fair to say that for the most part I’ve been avoiding reading the headlines.

Until last week.

There was a blurb that caught my eye…and then it caught my heart.

Most of the time, when I catch the headlines, especially those with medical focus, I hardly glaze over it before I move on. The world of news is a tad over the top these days…and truthfully, I prefer not to drown myself in the negativity that seems to be occurring. But last week one headline had my full attention:

“For some people, too much protein can be deadly – “

Oh wow. That hits home.

What Eli has been diagnosed with is a urea cycle disorder. This could be his story. This is what we fight against.

Every. Single. Day.


Yep. This pretty well sums him up.

Every meal.

And it’s exhausting. And there are times when we aren’t as vigilant as we should be. But after reading about a bodybuilder who didn’t listen to her body soon enough, I’ll be on guard. I’m just grateful for the wake-up call.

Because wake-up calls are a lot easier to answer then the ones that end in tragic news.