Day 25 – Thoughts on shopping

It’s just a few days before Thanksgiving, and the controversial pseudo-holiday, “Black Friday,” which actually is Black Thursday night through Sunday, leading into Cyber Monday, leading into over-purchasing the rest of 2013.

Wait a minute…I got off track a moment.

I’ve been reading a lot of people complaining about some retail chains deciding to be open Thanksgiving evening, taking people away from their families and commercializing such a noble holiday. You know, the one where we celebrate with food and football? Overindulging, giving thanks for all that we’ve been blessed with, for just one day? Are you catching what I’m throwing yet? 😉

My blessings are many, including having a place such as this to raise my boys. And the work that comes with it.

My blessings are many, including having a place such as this to raise my boys. And the work that comes with it.

And here’s an even more shocking point of view: not every family celebrates Thanksgiving, and some celebrate it on different days, and some end up harvesting or working right on through it, and no one has boycotted our farm or family yet. Well, not that I know of anyway.

Does it bother me that stores are opening Thanksgiving eve? Not really. But then again, Thanksgiving was never a real big holiday for the house I was raised in. Since it was the end of hunting season, many times the week of Thanksgiving was spent butchering deer and pigs, making our own sausage, smoking it, stuffing it, wrapping it.

No, Thanksgiving has never been high on my list of must-celebrate holidays. But I also tend to think that I spend more than one day of the year being thankful for all I’ve been given. I don’t really need one whole day to catch up with the Big Guy Upstairs, making sure He understands how much I appreciate the gifts I’ve received. But that’s just me.

Will I be shopping Thursday night? Probably. I’m on a one-woman mission to bring this country out of the economic slump it’s facing. (Sarcasm folks, sarcasm.) And I may just save a total of $1.27 while doing it.

Actually, it’s the people-watching that gets me every time. Want to see the best and worst of human kind? Go Black Friday shopping.

I dare you.