The crazy never ends

Someone once told me that our farm could easily have enough fodder for a show. I’ve tried to deny that allegation a time or two, but this week did nothing but encourage sitcom-like situations.

For example? Well, imagine a situation unfolding like this:

Skunk in barn. Farmer shoots skunk. Farmer has sick calf. Doesn’t think about skunk. Farmer does whatever he can to save calf, including putting hand in his mouth. Calf dies. Dawns on farmer that calf may have been exposed to rabies through skunk. Heads of both animals are sent for testing. Farmer waits to see if he gets a few weeks of shots.

Yeah, just a typical week around here.

On top of that, the stomach bug went through our house this week, landing at my feet this morning at 2 a.m. – but don’t worry, Boss Man helped me out by taking the big boys to church, and leaving me to fend with the 3-year-old. That was helpful. Kinda. 😉

The little dude in green and I were left at home today. It's a good thing he's NEVER any trouble. Ever. Right? I mean, if I say it enough, it'll be true.

The little dude in green and I were left at home today. It’s a good thing he’s NEVER any trouble. Ever. Right? I mean, if I say it enough, it’ll be true. Oh, and I want this type of weather back. Soon, please.

Just kidding. His heart was in the right place, and as a bonus, he did remember to bring the Sprite that I requested. Well, not really, they all remembered partway home. BUT they were smart enough to go back and get it, so that’s all that counts!

And now, to tackle the tough part of the week. I’ll be gone for a few days. Going to meet my mother at her macular degeneration appointment and then taking her back down to stay with my Dad.You see, Dad had to have the upper lobe of his right lung removed, due to a very aggressive cancer. I guess that’s what smoking for 60 years will get you.

I could talk about that for weeks, but I won’t.

I need to stay positive. Need to look forward, and help him recover…then kick his butt for putting us in this situation! (Just kidding, again. Apparently lack of sleep and sub-par nutrition makes me snarky. Or it’s just my personality. Whatevs.)

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, and if you could do me a teensy, eensy, weensy little favor and say a little prayer for the man that is responsible for half my DNA, I’d appreciate it.

And maybe just one for my sanity…or what’s left of it.

Out of the Darkness

This weekend, a local community (like many others) will be hosting its first Out of the Darkness community walk in LaMoure on Saturday, September 18, starting with registration at the LaMoure American Legion from 1 to 2 p.m. So what’s the purpose? Does North Dakota really need to worry about this?

The answer is a resounding, “YES!” Did you know that North Dakota ranks 11th in the nation in suicide deaths per capita? Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death due to injury in farmers in North Dakota? With the age range of 40-49 being the most affected?

And although farmers are not the sole issue here (really, every family that is touched by suicide is dramatically affected), farming is a stressful job. Your days and your schedules are not set by anyone, most of your livelihood is controlled by things that are out of your control. And a good year can be swiped away in a minute.

But there is help…for everyone. There are hotlines and websites and friends and family, all willing to help through the tough times. It seems the number one response to a suicide is, “Why?” And although it’s tough to swallow, many times the answer is never truly known.

So today, I ask that you take a look at your friends and family members, reach out to those that are struggling and lend a hand (or just an ear) to those that are in need. And if you’re in need, we’re here for you.

Plant your own seed of hope.

Plant a seed of hope...let others know you care.