Finding sunshine

We all go through moments in our lives when we take a step back and really start to wonder about where we are and what we’re doing. At least, I hope we do. I don’t think I’m an anomaly. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time.

I will admit that since last July, things haven’t really been the same. And not that I expected it would be, but it’s amazing how quickly one word can change your outlook on a lot of things. Even if it’s the “good kind.”


Cancer. Not a word you ever want to hear.

Sometimes I think back on the last almost-40-years of my life, and I wonder how I managed to survive it as intact as I am…and then I wonder if I really am. But the beauty of it all, is that no matter what you’re faced with, the only thing that matters is how you handle it.

And there’s only one person that gets to determine that…and that’s me.

My life growing up wasn’t easy. I learned quickly what it meant to love and lose. Death is nothing new to me. I’ve said goodbye to many people that I’ve loved…classmate, friends, family and more. Some of those goodbyes were difficult to get through, but I knew that it was a temporary goodbye.

I’ve seen medicine at its best. I’ve seen it fail as well. I watched my dad get a new lease on life with breakthrough treatments, my brother as well. I see what advances do for George every day. But I also know its limitations.

I know the miracle of birth, first hand. But I also know the pain associated with it. I was blessed with a “natural” birth for our first child, with an amazing epidural. But remember every second of a c-section that included a failed spinal. Which meant I felt every minute of it, until after our last son was safely born.

I’ve won some battles. And I’ve lost some. I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve gained a few. I lost my voice, it came back…just different.

But as I turn this page (yes, there’s a milestone birthday coming up soon), I realize that I need to focus on more sunshine. I need to find my joy in life and feed it. No one remembers your bad days, but you can influence people with good ones.

As I look to the future, I want my children to remember me as their ray of sunshine. And in order to do so, I have to find my own.


You can hardly see my scar today. I’m blessed beyond measure.

And so here I am…wondering if the path I’m on will lead to my sunshine. The clouds outside do not deter me. I know what I’m destined for. I just need to outshine the rain clouds.

Power of prayer

Today is Sunday. And I have a story to share. If you are not of the “religious” type, please don’t be offended by my writing. The events were just so moving, that I need to share.

On Friday evening, when we were preparing George to be admitted again…I was starting to doubt myself. We went into this surgery, knowing that there were risks, but knowing that George’s health would benefit if we could get through the difficult spots.

When the doctor came in and started talking about the effects of starvation and his body’s response to the week’s activities, I was second-guessing myself. I was concerned about my son and what our decisions may have done. I was in a bit of a dark place.

I texted my Prairie Mama friends, Sarah and Katie. I wanted them to know what was going on, and asked for their prayers. And they quickly replied. They were saying prayers for George, and they would have those around them do the same.

After having slept for 22 out of 24 hours, George woke up shortly after. He started playing a bit and ate a whole freezee. It was an answer to a prayer, and the answer was loud and clear.

It was the only thing he had that evening, but it was good enough for me. It was a sign from God that, although we were going through some trials and tribulations, we were where we needed to be. We were being cared for and prayed for and, with time, all would be well.

Since then, I have realized that prayers are not just coming from North Dakota, or our family. Prayers have been pouring in from around cyber-space. Our family has just grown exponentially. And I would like to thank you.

I know that George is destined for great things. And he has a great start…bringing us all together.

A brighter morning...we are so blessed!


My prayer for today: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon us today. Please watch over my son, as he takes on today’s challenges and accomplishes great things. Help him feel comfort and love throughout the day, give him the strength to overcome his fear of drinking and take away the pain that stands in his way. Wrap my son in Your arms, and let Your love wash over him. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen