Wordless Wednesday – Parade paradise!

As I mentioned yesterday, Monango celebrated 125 years this weekend. And what better way to celebrate than with a parade! Check out my parade pictures for Wordless Wednesday:

Grandpa drove one of his tractors in the parade.

Auntie B and cutie Cousin N drove another tractor. Showing vet-school pride!

Uncle J also drove a tractor...this time with the NDSU flag!

Uncle B and Aunt L (along with Cousin H and Cousin G) drove Grandpa's Toronado. Hmmmm...we may have too many letter abreviations going on here!

One of our neighbors had a family float, congratulating Monango on 125 years!

Area businesses also came out to support our town. Including cool throw-backs to the old days, like this truck!

Big Bro was in the pageant, which gave a very quick synopsis of the history of Monango...from the beginning of time to present day. Very cute and funny! And Big Bro's acting debut!

I could post a bunch more pics, but I think you get the point. It was a great afternoon and lots of fun for the kids…but the best part was seeing the community coming together. It’s funny how we’re separated by mere miles, but it takes a celebration to bring us together. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t take another 25 years to see each other again!

We may be rural…but we are not alone.

Celebrating 125 years

Congratulations to our hometown…Monango! We celebrated 125 years this weekend, the good old fashioned way…with a great big party!

Here are some parade photos and more…enjoy!

Boss Man cleaned up one of his pickups for the "Class of 1989" float in the parade. Not a bad turn out of classmates...since there were only 13 in his class!


In his first parade as "royalty," Scooter and Miss Lydia and Little Miss and Mr. Ellendale!


Big Bro and EJ rode in the parade as part of the area children's train!


Their bucket of candy to throw to parade-watchers didn't last until they got to where we were...wonder how much was consumed instead of thrown???

Well, instead of putting all of the other great pictures of the celebration into today’s post, I’ll save some for tomorrow! Stay tuned for another installment of “Monango – 125 years and still going strong!”