Thankful Thursday – Mark

Today’s Thankful Thursday post wasn’t a planned post. Like most of life, we deal with the curveballs thrown us and work from there. Yesterday threw me a BIG curveball.

A local farmer, good friend, father of three young children and husband to an amazing woman was killed yesterday in a farm-related accident. I don’t know the details, but even if I did, it wouldn’t matter…the outcome would remain the same. There is a family hurting today…and the details won’t change that.

But what that accident has provided me, is an opportunity to appreciate my loved ones, just a little more. Hug my kids a little tighter. See my husband in a new light.

So today’s Thankful Thursday is dedicated to him…Mark. Most of you know him as Boss Man on Twitter, and occasionally on this blog. I don’t write about him a lot, because it was MY decision to start this blog, not his. I try to avoid involving him when I can, but anytime I do, I have him read the post and approve it first…except this one.

I would like to start off, by saying how thankful I am that he’s a wonderful husband, a caring father and an amazing farmer.

Mark...farmer, father, friend...mine.



He makes me laugh, he drives me nuts and he ticks me off…all at the same time. It’s amazing, but he’s talented like that. I think he took a class or something.

Whatever it is that he is…he’s mine. And tonight I will hug him a little tighter, hold him a little longer and try not to let him see my tears.

I would go on, but suddenly I have found that I can’t…