My canner is smoking!

Literally my canner was smoking earlier today. In the last few days I have made a TON of salsa and stewed tomatoes…including 26 quarts of salsa today. I am exhausted! My feet are aching and if I see another tomato again within the next few weeks, I’m likely to hurt someone.

Just as I was getting done with my last batch today, I decided that next year I will either do my canning during the dead of night, or send the little troops to daycare. They managed to destroy the house in the hours that I was some-what distracted. Little turkeys.

But with all the mess, I did find that EJ has finally found a really good use for those double-page farm ads that drive me nuts in the magazines. Check it out:

Great us of advertising!

I took this ad out of the middle pages of a farm magazine, because EJ wanted to farm it.


I wonder if they sell a farm-themed laminate for the kitchen floor…like wheat stubble, or corn? Maybe then I could even talk EJ into washing the floor! 🙂