Par for the course

Winter reared its ugly head just in time for Thanksgiving. But that didn’t stop us from making the 2 1/2 hour trek to Fargo and spend the day with my sisters and their families, as well as shopping for a whopping 19 hours straight on Friday! I tell ya, having four boys does get me in training for some of the finer moments in life!

We came home Saturday and enjoyed a lazy day at home. Then I took my foster-Grandpa to bingo (his favorite thing to do) and enjoyed a quiet night without the kids at home. Woohoo! (They stayed at my Mom and Dad’s.)

On Sunday, we planned on being in church, which starts at 10. Boss Man left the house at 8-ish, thinking he would have “plenty” of time to feed the cows and get the chores done prior to having to leave by a little after 9 (remember, our boys are at my folks’).

Well, I should have known that things wouldn’t go as planned. The morning went in typical fashion. Boss Man pulled back into the yard with the tractor at 9:40. It’s a 15 minute drive to town and we don’t have our boys yet. Plus, I still have their church clothes with me at home. So, needless to say, the cows won that one and we weren’t able to go to church. But, I did get the boys to Sunday School! Yay for a small victory!

Then last night EJ managed to turn a pen and a plastic tube from a toy into a lethal weapon and punctured a hole above his tonsil. Yep, that’s how I roll.

Cheers to 2011!

My problems start with Y

As in the XY chromosome…yep, you guessed it…males.

Yeah, I know, I’m gonna get flak for it. Men don’t cause ALL the world’s problems, but they do cause most of mine! 🙂 Of course, most of that is because I’m surrounded by them…completely.

Let’s take today for example. I had a hair appointment at 9:45 this morning. This appointment was rescheduled from Wednesday, when two of my boys did not make it home on time on the bus (which is also driven by a male, might I add). Hair appointments are kind of a big deal for me. I usually only get into town once or twice a year, since you need to schedule these things in advance, and let’s just say that my life doesn’t allow for advanced scheduling that often!

I woke my lil’ boys up and got them ready to go, so I would make it into town in time to drop them off at the drop-in daycare and get my haircut. After fighting with EJ to get dressed, changing George twice (he’s allergic to clean clothes…makes him poop right through, I swear!) and putting gas in my van, I take off with a few minutes to spare.

Then another version of the XY chromosome got in my way. This morning our bulls decided to take a leisurely stroll down the road. ARGH!

So me, two boys and my minivan did some off-roading, got them going in the right direction, I turned around, came home and called the boss man to let him know what HIS bulls were doing, and headed back to town. I was NOT going to take the hour or so it was going to take to get the bulls back in the pasture. I was NOT giving up my hair appointment! Not this time!

Needless to say, my hair is shorter, the bulls are back in and all is well, even though I was a few minutes late.

Seriously, I started out on time…and I truly TRIED to get there when I should, but that stinking Y had other plans. *sigh* It’s a good thing they’re so darn cute…the boys, not the bulls.

P.S. I’ve even added a category for running late, ‘cuz I know I’ll be writing about this often!!!