Day 14 – Thoughts on working

After an almost six-year hiatus, I started working again (outside the home) this fall. It’s funny when I run into people locally and they see me all dressed up like a grown up. Apparently the last few years I must have really gotten “comfortable.” 😉

But I sometimes get comments that I don’t expect, like:

But what about the boys? Don’t they need you?


How do you have time for all of it?


I didn’t know it was getting that tough.

Let me do a little clarifying: My boys still have my attention, fully and completely. And my boss understands, fully and completely. And she’s pretty darn amazing about it.

How do I have time? Well, I don’t. Truthfully. But I make time. I make time for work, I make time for my boys, I make time for cooking, shopping, laundry…I may skimp on the cleaning from time to time (or some would say always)…I make time. I don’t wait for the time fairy to drop me an hour here or there. It doesn’t happen. Do I regret the time I spent home with my kids? HECK NO! Never! But I am where I need to be, right here, right now. And it’s never felt so right before. I digress.

So many hours spent in hospitals with this little dude. Soooooo many hours.

So many hours spent in hospitals with this little dude. Soooooo many hours.

Are times tough? Dear goodness. I guess I kind of understand the curiosity. But rest assured, my decision to work off the farm is all about fulfillment and living out a dream, not because I need to put food on the table. But thanks for the concern.

Although work may be a four-letter word, it doesn’t have to be. I go to work and feel challenged, driven to improve, excited to learn the next step, motivated to improve myself…I don’t even know if I can explain it all, but that’s getting pretty close.

And don’t worry, I still spend plenty of time doing “farm stuff.” But that doesn’t seem like “work” either.

A Saturday evening, spent in a peaceful tractor, chasing a combine.

A Saturday evening, spent in a peaceful tractor, chasing a combine.

Work, don’t work. Do what is right for you. Every decision in life is one that leads us down another path. I just so happen to be very satisfied on the path I’m on right now. And without my other paths, I’d never have arrived at where I am. (Stick with me, it makes complete sense in my head.)

As someone, somewhere once said, “Happiness is just a state of mind.”

I truly have the best of all worlds.

3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Thoughts on working

  1. My mom was able to stay home with us kids until we started school. Fortunate for us she was also home in the summer because she was a teacher. Not many kids are as fortunate as me and my siblings or as fortunate as your kids. It means a lot to be actually raised by your parents. There is also nothing wrong with going to work. I hope you’re doing what you love!

  2. I was blessed to stay home with our kids, until basically I “worked” myself out of a job….they are now starting to take over….I now work outside the home to relax….no kidding:)

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