Burning the midnight oil

Literally…it is 11:30 and I am processing beets to freeze.

I need my head examined. Seriously.

But for those of you that know me, you’re not too surprise now, are you?

I figured since many of my friends are amazed at the amount of food that I freeze/can/prepare for winter, I would give you a quick rundown on how to freeze beets. It’s easy. Really easy. Not sure if it’s lets-start-this-at-10:30-at-night easy, but we’re going with it.

1) Wash beets. Leave 2 inches on the top and the tap root. Trust me. You want to cut them off, I know, but don’t. Or you’ll have enough purple dye to make royal robes.

A big 'ol bucket of beets. The last of our garden fare. Ready to hit the freezer.

A big ‘ol bucket of beets. The last of our garden fare. Ready to hit the freezer.

2) Boil beets until you can stick a fork in them easily. I could pretend to give you a time, but it all depends on the size of the beet. Some of these bad boys took an hour. You do the math.

3) Put cooked beets in cold water, peel off outer layer. Dice, chop, slice, leave whole, however you want to freeze them. Place in freezer bag (easiest), vacuum seal, however you wish to freeze them.

4) Freeze them. (Usually in a freezer of some sort…but it’s October…and North Dakota, so that’ll become optional soon.)

Hey, what do you know, I become a bit sarcastic and snarky at midnight. Lesson learned.


Don’t worry, I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. I promise!

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