Two years ago, I wrote this, while waiting out a blizzard. We’re in the midst of one again, and I’ll be posting a new blizzard post tomorrow. The good news? We haven’t had any calves born yet. But that doesn’t stop us from having to check them every two hours, just in case.
Farmers are like mailmen of old, come rain, sleet or snow…but we won’t be getting Saturdays off any time soon! 😉 Take care, stay safe and stay warm.

Wag'n Tales

Farmers and ranchers are responsible for their livestock, their land, their resources, whether it’s raining in the south, or snowing in the north. That fact is true, even during a blizzard.

This afternoon a very strong storm hit our area. Now, compared to the tsunami that rocked Japan and the destruction felt in other areas afterward, what we were dealing with was small potatoes. But for our cattle, they still relied on us for safety, shelter and food.

That’s why Boss Man spent most of the evening in the barn, or out in the lot, covered in snow, not seeing more than a few feet in front of him, making sure that no new calves were born out in the terrible conditions.

And I went out this evening, once things had settled down a little bit, to make sure things were still good to go.

Although this video isn’t the…

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  1. At least it is moisture. I use to say, “If we didn’t carry the calves in out of the slop, we wouldn’t get a crop!!” hope we got some West of the Hiway! Take care and good luck.

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