Young Farmer Friday

Just loving my day with the boys…and who can blame me? We head to Mayo on Monday, and that’ll be worries for Monday. For today, I’ll just enjoy what we have.

"Mom, will this be mine some day?"

A rare moment of stillness, and no one fighting!

George teasing EJ that he was going to beat him to the shop.

Well, he decided the reward wasn't worth it.



4 thoughts on “Young Farmer Friday

  1. Love this – found a great ‘lesson’ & reminder to take with me > For today, I’ll just enjoy what we have. *Thank you 😀 (and best wishes for Monday)

    • Thank you, Holli…we’ll take every best wish we can get! And yes, sometimes I need to remind myself that tomorrow is tomorrow…but today I won’t get back.

  2. Love you posts! And the fact that you are raising your young family on the farm – best place in the world for boys to grow up! Best wishes for your trip to Mayo on Monday!

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