An Ode to Someone Else

It’s a plague that’s hit our nation hard…and possibly the world. And the cure seems to be hard to swallow.

I hear it all the time. From friends, from family, from workers, from leaders…the dreaded Someone Else.

One of the quotes I hear most often is, “You’re a mother of four, isn’t there Someone Else who could do that?” And the answer is an obvious yes, but the reality has become an obvious no.

When did our world become so indifferent to what was going on around it? When did we become satisfied with the status quo and willing to accept everything at face value? Oh, we like to talk a big game, and complain about our lot in life, but when it comes down to it we’re willing to pass the buck.

Do I need to clarify?

Two days ago, I blogged about a measure in North Dakota that would eliminate property taxes. One of the number one complaints of the proponents of this measure is that the legislature isn’t working on property tax reform fast enough. Someone Else isn’t correcting the problem. So the solution is to eliminate property tax, and then let Someone Else figure out how to pay for it. Hmmm…

I see it in the news all the time. Someone Else has done something wrong and Someone Else is responsible. Someone Else should have to pay and Someone Else needs to make some changes. People want to vote, but not for choices A, B, or C, but for Someone Else. And maybe we could make some change, but Someone Else would be just as bad.

Someone Else is responsible for our lot in life, and we could take the chance to improve ourselves and work for a better tomorrow, but it would be easier if Someone Else would pave our way…or better yet, pay our way.

Someone Else is the reason why I’m this way, and Someone Else will have to step up and reach out to me, just so I can make it another day. Someone Else will have to pay the price and Someone Else will write the check…physically or otherwise.

Someone Else is responsible for the food on my plate and Someone Else isn’t doing a good enough job. Someone Else should be watching out for our children and Someone Else should be rewarding those that are doing it right.

Yes, I’m a little tired of this Someone Else.

Yet, I see hope. Earlier this week, our local school had a meeting regarding the future of our wrestling program…and truly the future of most sports programs. The numbers are glum, but the future holds a glimmering of hope. And the best hope of all was that this group of people have decided that Someone Else isn’t the best person to have respond. It’s simply time to act.

I will admit, that there are times when you truly need to involve Someone Else. But it’s mostly an excuse to pass the responsibility on to another party, somewhere down the road. And it’s time to stop.

I better get to my dishes and laundry. I know Someone Else won’t do them.

6 thoughts on “An Ode to Someone Else

  1. My mil has this attitude, she wants someone to hand her everything, not go out and earn it or work for it. Its unbeliaveable, so I know exactly what you mean.

  2. I very much appreciate your insight and candor. I agree America has gotten lazy.. lets pull our boots up, put on our gloves, stop the complaining, stop the excuses, and get to work. Our citizens need to become involved in helping our schools, enlightening our churches, cleaning our parks, and much more. While we work, we will feel better doing it, while striving toward a solution to whatever is bothering us.

  3. Great post! Someone Else often irritates me as well! My husband politely comments from time to time that maybe I’m doing “too much”… guess I just don’t want to sit back and wait on Someone Else, furthermore, I don’t want our kids to grow up waiting on Someone Else either! Time to roll up our sleeves and get dirty, besides… it’s more fun when you are able to accomplish something rather than standing by… πŸ™‚

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