Thankful Thursday – Gratitude

Today I was reminded about the little things in life. I spend so much time rushing and worrying about all these “big” things that are going on, but I don’t spend nearly enough time being grateful for the little things. I truly need to work on my “Attitude of Gratitude” and stop looking for the rainbow in every situation and sometimes just appreciate the rain.

I get so wrapped up in the end result, that I sometimes forget to enjoy the trip.

For example:

I was so upset over my son for doing this

For Halloween, we'll be going as Smurfs.



for the third time this month. But really, did he hurt anything? Shouldn’t I be grateful that he’s interested in colors? That he understands the point of a marker?

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but it really wasn’t worth getting upset over.

Let’s take harvest for instance. I’m so wrapped up in getting done, that I forget to watch the combines and there amazing movement. I forget to tell my husband how lucky I feel that he is involved in such an amazing industry. I forget to watch the grain fall off the auger, into the bin, in an amazing dance, with the coolest sound. (Have you ever really listened? It’s amazing.)

I get worked up over what to make for supper, when I should just be grateful for having choices to make! My sons will eat it, whether I serve my Grandma’s Dumplings, or simple hamburgers and Mac and Cheese.

So today, on this Thankful Thursday, I will spend more time being thankful, and less time worrying about the other stuff. A lesson we all can stand to be reminded of now and again.


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