One of those days

Just for myself to read in the future (far, far off in the future), let me recap how my Thursday went. It was a doozy.

Let’s start off with another day of George not opening his mouth, not even to speak. That’s right, my 2-year-old decided to boycott all things having to do with his mouth, including speaking. Which means we get to pry his mouth open every 4-6 hours and force pain medicine down his throat. Sound like fun yet?

Then, let’s top it off with the fact that George’s IV is in his foot. Which means that he can’t leave the hospital bed, unless it’s to take a ride in the hospital wagon. Three days of not leaving a bed. Sound like fun yet?

Then, let’s add an attempt at moving said IV site from foot to hand. All for the benefit of the child, minus the teamwork of the veins. Attempt one, failure. Attempt two, success…with a few hiccups. But success none-the-less.

Then, late decision to discharge (very grateful, don’t get me wrong), late call to husband, quick round up of children to retrieve us. (Hospital is an hour from our home. But I get to go back everyday for fluids, until George decides to drink.)

And this is what we had:

Big Bro – completely disheveled, dirty, hair uncombed. Scooter – similar to Big Bro, but bigger mess on clothes. EJ – Head-to-toe dirt, wearing same clothes last seen in on Monday, John Deere shirt (Will Trade Brother for Tractor), brown shorts and knee-high camo rubby boots (rubber boots to the rest of the world, rubbies to EJ). Hubby – fresh-off-the-farm, filthy-from-the-field, greasy-grimy shirt and pants, complete with work boots, work belt and pliers pocket.

Now, add in George – Purple hospital gown, tied in back. Black shorts. Maroon fuzzy hospital no-slip socks. Blue sandals. And his IV in his right hand, with a mint green fuzzy hospital no-slip sock on his hand, taped at the top. (Had to wear hospital gown home, shirt wouldn’t fit over IV easily.)

And hubby asked if I wanted the whole family to go in the store to get George’s script, or if I just wanted him to run in. Guess what I decided?

I figured had we all gone in, the People of Walmart website would probably have received multiple emails with our photo…and rightfully so. I’d share a picture, but for the sake of my children’s future, I won’t. 😉 What can I say, Dad was in charge!

5 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Wow – I love it (well except for the bad stuff) honestly some day you will look back at your family in the car looking like that and laugh and smile – God Bless you all – my family looks like that a lot and we don’t have to deal with half the stuff you do! I truly believe you should take great pride in how your kids looked – they def. weren’t sitting in front of a TV playing video games, they were living and playing!
    Hugs and prayers for all of you!

    • What a great way to think of it! Thanks, I needed that! And you’re right…they definitely know how to live! 🙂 (Just hope our insurance can keep up!!)

  2. Awesome! I would have to agree with the reply above! One of these days, you will look at that moment in the car, and bust out laughing, and probably a tear! It sounds like what my family would look like, we just don’t have the numbers you guys do! My husband always tells me the dirt helps them grow! I’m sure they will all be excited mom is back in charge! Good luck with the discharge! Sending thoughts prayers and care bear stares your familiy’s way!

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