A WINNING Farmer Friday

Before I get to a farm update (need one of those!), I need to announce the winners of the two “Levi’s Lost Calf” books by Amanda Radke, illustrated by Michelle Weber. And drum roll please…

Congratulations to…

Renae G. and Robyn!!! Woohoo!

You will both receive a copy of Amanda’s book, complete with autograph from the wonderful author…lucky ducks! Thank you to all who entered!

And now, a farm update:

Last night, as we were finally rolling home for a bit, Boss Man suddenly looked at the south-bound lane of Hwy. 281 and said, “Hey, there goes my hay!” (Yeah, he’s poetic like that.)

The story goes something like this…a friend of Mark’s in LaMoure had a contact in Oklahoma that was in need of hay. As you’ve read in the news (or perhaps even experienced first hand), some areas in the south are going through catastrophic droughts right now. And this particular ranch was also hit.

In our area, the reverse has been true. Continuous badly-timed rains has made haying season difficult. Hay that is continuously rained on has a lower feed value (less nutrition to it) than hay that is put up with the right amount of wind, sun and magic pixie dust. (Just kidding on the pixie thing, no pixie’s are harmed in the production of our hay crop…at least, not that I know of.) Our hay this year is not of the quality that we usually strive for, but we have no control over that.

But good hay (instead of great hay), is better than no hay at all. And livestock need something to eat. Even if you live in Oklahoma and have to truck it from North Dakota.

You see, cattlemen are a lot like parents. It’s inconvenient and costly to travel that far for feed, just the same as its inconvenient and costly to drive a couple hours each day for medical care. But we both do it without batting an eye. It’s our responsibility and we will do what needs to be done, at whatever cost to ensure the health and well-being of those that we care for…even if they’re bovine.

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