Mary, Mary…

Well, after wondering if my garden would pull through the flooding, it’s obvious that it handled it rather well! Yay!

In fact, I spotted my first pea pod already filling…can’t wait for more!

I thought I would take a few pics of my favorite blooms to share with you…enjoy!

The hard, fast rain has compacted the ground a bit, but nothing a little hard work won't help out!



These spaghetti squash will serve as George's noodles in the upcoming months. Can't wait!!!



We have a pea pod! Yay!!! Can't wait for the others to set on!



Cukes, cukes and more cukes. Hubby loves them, and so do the kids!



The peppers have been the hardest hit, but they're coming around.



Some of my tomatoes look great, and some look pretty sparse, but this little guy is trying to me hope! My salsa is demanded around this house!



Hopefully in the next few weeks this patch will be pumping out the produce and my boys will be enjoying my hard work. I won’t lie to you, it’s been a really tough year to do this. But in the end, it’ll all be worth it…


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