Family Drive

On Friday night, after a few rain showers, we decided to take the family for our version of a “family drive.” Actually, we were checking the cows in the pasture, but the boys loved the adventure!

We brought with our trusty sidekicks:

Our new puppy, Maggie, and our old foster-dog, Junior.



The scenery was beautiful.


And the cows LOVED getting their mineral and lick tubs!




Mmmmm...a treat, just for us!


And when we went to check on the heifer pasture, they were all hams for the camera! Apparently even our young cows like their 15 minutes of fame!

Ooh, does someone have a camera?



On a count of three...CHEESE!



And we saw some wildlife, too! Although, they’re more of nuisance than anything.

Gophers...destructive little buggers.


It was a great trip. And we ended with supper and ice cream at the local drive-in. Who could ask for a better Friday?

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