Making the most of it

Last night I watched the Arizona Memorial Service on television. Wow. Talk about an emotional event.

As a mother, I cried. As an American citizen, I cried. As a human being, I cried.

Not one bit of this made sense. But, then again, so few things in life happen that make sense. At least, not right away.

But the one message that I took away from it all, which gives our country hope, is that we must not let these types of tragedies go by without taking the opportunity to make ourselves, our country better because of them.

Now, in my opinion, you can’t legislate yourself out of harms way. The only people that follow laws, are those that don’t break them to begin with. But where we can make a difference is in our reaction and relations with others.

We are a country of indifference. Instead of stopping to help others, we are too busy wrapped up in ourselves to take the chance to stop and be of assistance. If we notice something off, we tend to brush it off, figuring it was someone else’s job to step in. It’s time to start taking responsibility for our own actions, and realizing that we have to power to stop some of these events from occurring.

It’s time to start making a difference.