Not the answer you’re hoping for…

It’s been a bit. I’d give some grand excuse, but the truth is…I’ve been tired. Bone-weary exhausted, to be closer to the truth. And I have a little better reason as to why, which I’ll share in a minute.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share my thoughts and ideas on a few things, but here’s my one and only request: listen. Take a moment to truly hear what I’m trying to say, and then let me know what you think.

This community has been built up over time, and I’m grateful for each and every one of you that checks in on George, the farm, the boys, me…all of us. George is now stronger than ever. His care is on-point and he’s blossoming. EJ is bound and determined to be the best young farmer he can be – and he takes his responsibilities seriously. He reminds his Dad of all the things that need to get done…hoping to be assigned a chore or two (preferably one that involves him sitting in a tractor). Scooter has sprouted up taller than either of his parents and all of his grandparents. He has one uncle left to surpass in height. And I don’t think that will be long in coming. And Big Bro and his gentle soul will be a freshman this fall – how did that ever happen?

Life – it moves so quickly. And sometimes we forget to take a second and take it all in. We forget to enjoy the moment.

As I said earlier, I haven’t been feeling the best for a while. I joke around a lot that my thyroid isn’t a “team player.” And it’s true. It’s not. It’s been a problem for quite a few years. And now it’s causing a bit of a bigger problem – and it seems to be getting bigger rather quickly.

On July 5, I found out from a specialist that my biopsy had come back positive for thyroid cancer. Not the answer I was hoping for – but an answer, nonetheless.

After the initial shock, I met with the doctor the next day and we developed a plan – one that I’m more than excited to implement. You see, I realize that as far as cancers go, I’m pretty darn lucky. Thyroid cancer is an “easy” one. We’ll remove my thyroid, and as long as my surrounding lymph nodes come back clear and the pathology doesn’t show anything alarming, I’m pretty much home free. A few years of scans and appointments, but no further treatment needed at this point.


I’ll be part of a thyroid-cancer research study. I’m excited for doctor’s to learn more about cases like mine…and maybe, just maybe, there’ll be more answers that we hope for in the future.

It could have been so much worse.

But it’s still the c-word. Cancer. Me. What???

I don’t have time for an illness, no matter how small. I’m busy. We had the county fair. I have things I need to do. I have games I want to watch. I have pool-dates to make up.

I have a chance to realize just how quickly it all can change.

And it’s all because it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for…but it was an answer that I could live with…and that’s the most important answer of all.

11 thoughts on “Not the answer you’re hoping for…

  1. I don’t recall how I found your blog but I agree- pretty lucky in the C-word world.
    My mom had thyroid cancer at 36. She had it removed, had radiation for about a month, and has had no problems since.
    My brother’s best friend had it at 29.
    I think he did radiation once or twice.

    Good luck! Yes your energy may go a bit down but for no further treatments- what a miracle and blessing!

    • I agree completely…I am blessed beyond words. Just having a plan makes me rest easier. And I know that I can deal with the rest that may come my way. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Being a farm wife and Thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2014 my thoughts are a little different on the “good cancer” to get I don’t feel all that good! The mood swings, weight gain, weight loss, the synthetic hormone that is not the same. I will say that things level out but my life is changed forever, some good some bad but I’ve found a way that works for me and you will too! Hugs, prayers for you, and your family while you find your “new you”

  3. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles. You will be in our prayers! Judging from what you say and your picture I’m guessing I’m quite a bit older than you. As you age one of the things you learn is just what you mention, time becomes very short. Your parents die off, your friends begin dying off and you start spending more time in doctor’s offices and you come to realize, HEY! This life is pretty fragile and it does have an end!!!! You have to take the time to hug your spouse and your children while you still can!!! I’m really happy for you in that your prospects for the future look so wonderful. You have received some great news and for that we celebrate your joy!

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