Why being a farm mom rocks

I have four boys…four rambunctious, crazy, wild boys. I thank God every day that we live on a farm, because I’m not sure town could handle them. Or maybe it’s that I’m not sure I could handle them in town. Without frequent visits from officers. And maybe child protective services. And calls from neighbors. And…well, I digress.

So how does being a farm mom rock? Let me count the ways:

  1. I get to deep-clean often. Like when someone brings in a bucket of toads. And drops them. In the kitchen. Near the stove. And fridge. And I’m too slow.

    The Toad Catcher

    These are what we found right away…a few had escaped.

  2. I get new utensils and dishes often. Mostly because all of mine disappear throughout the winter and don’t reappear until it thaws outside and they’re found it what used to be a snow fort.
  3. I don’t have to talk to them about the birds and the bees. They learn about it every spring, usually with commentary from their uncle.
  4. I know when spring is upon us. Because it’s warm enough to pee outside. With pants ALL the way down.

    Warmer weather

    But the best sign of spring? Outdoor bathroom is open for business.

  5. My kids will be expert drivers by the time the state says it’s OK for them to drive…just don’t ask me how they got to know so much.
  6. They understand the weather, and what it means to the farm. Rain doesn’t mean an event is ruined…it means the whole family gets to join in!
  7. Math is no longer some mysterious language that will never be used. They understand the importance of measurements (such as acres), area (field size), volume (bin capacity), etc. Math and science are definitely living and breathing on the farm!
  8. We learn creative problem solving – like how to get the wild barn cat out of the house without breaking everything.
  9. They also learn about teamwork – so Mom doesn’t find out about #8.
  10. They also learn about trust – and that a 3-year-old isn’t so good at it. See #9.

    laughter, children

    That little one on bottom left? Yeah, he’s not so good at secrets.

No matter what, these boys are my world. And I’m glad I can raise them in the best environment possible – our farm. They learn so much, but even more so, they learn how to become better people. They respect the land, understand hard work, and know where their blessings come from – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’m sure I could add hundreds more, but I’d rather hear about your reasons why you love being a farm mom…or maybe why you’re glad you’re not!

8 thoughts on “Why being a farm mom rocks

  1. I am a farm mom… Of a boy (2) and a girl (4mo) and I would never want to raise them anywhere else! On top of all the reasons you listed, I’ll add the fact that I can let them play outside without the worries of a city (abductions,etc). I also love that they aren’t as restricted to inside entertainment the way city kids are. It’s easier to restrict electronics when there’s so much room and different things outside to keep their attention! So many more but love reading your posts from someone who loves their rough and tumble farm boys like I do!!!

  2. This is great! I have a 5 year old gir, 5 year old boy (twins) and 3 year old boy. Also to add, the imaginations are limitless. Wagons can be ships, forts are everywhere, sticks are swords, politically incorrect cowboys and indians. They pick their own meal/snack out of the garden to eat-trying to get them to wash the dirt off first may or may not happen. Who can count the hours spent inside a loading chute?! Breaking horses/ponies, roping each other for fun, chasing coyotes. They can learn to respect animals the easy way or the hard way. There aren’t any strangers and the neighbors look out for the kiddos.

  3. Agree! Love the signs of spring! My four year old just stopped pulling his pants all the way down and is learning how to keep them up in the winter!
    Their sense of adventure out here, I have four boys as well 5. 4, 2 (3 in another 2 months) and a 6 month old little boy. Could not handle them in the city either! Love that they help their daddy and when baby gets bigger mommy too, but watching them go off with their adventure and imagination and creativity is amazing. Plus they have learned one of farming a secrets bailing wire/fencing wire can fix everything! They fixed one of their wagons with it all on their own!

  4. We live on a dairy farm. I have three kids, one being a boy. They have awesome imaginations. Every animal is a pet. Love farm life.

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