Are laws good or bad?

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail that I’ve been dreading for years. I was notified that our insurance will be discontinued on June 30. But I’m not supposed to worry, because they have a plan that’s “comparable,” that can start July 1.

Our insurance is being discontinued, like so many others...but don't simply blame a law and call it quits. Work for solutions. It's why we live where we live.

Our insurance is being discontinued, like so many others…but don’t simply blame a law and call it quits. Work for solutions. It’s why we live where we live.

Except I don’t trust that it is.

It’s not that I’m always this distrustful. But George doesn’t rely on me taking someone else’s word for it. We live in North Dakota. His pediatrician is in South Dakota. His specialists are in Minnesota. Right now, I don’t have to worry about things like “networks” and “preferred providers” and whatever other words they throw in the way of the search for medicine.

George, summer 2010, before we had a diagnosis more than "failure to thrive." This is the picture that I look at when I wonder if I'm pushing too hard...and then I push harder.

George, summer 2010, (about 16-months old, wearing 6-9 month clothing) before we had a diagnosis more than “failure to thrive.” This is the picture that I look at when I wonder if I’m pushing too hard…and then I push harder.

But I digress.

So, I posted last night that I received the dreaded letter, and the response was pretty much what I figured it would be – people blamed the law.

Is it the law’s fault? Did the law write itself? Did it pass on its own? Has it not had a chance to be corrected? The flaws less flawed? The problems less problematic? The promises more promissory?

And yet, we’re so quick to blame the legislation. Blame the party. Blame whatever inanimate object, thing or idea that cannot possibly take the blame. So where does the blame lie? (Here’s where I probably lose a little popularity…) It lies with legislators, lawmakers, elected officials…and us.

That’s right. I take partial responsibility. Do you? I voted. And have, in every election since I turned 18. Which means I’m partially to blame. Not because I didn’t vote “right,” but because I haven’t done enough to make sure that my lawmakers understand who I am, where I’m coming from and what it is that I need from the laws they are passing.

I cannot blame the law, when I haven’t done as much as I could do to ensure that the changes I need are being made. And that doesn’t begin and end with complaining – it includes constructive criticism, yes, but also solutions – real ones.

Let me be clear, I know of several families (real ones), that have been helped by the Affordable Care Act. I do not deny that we truly need access for all to health care, and health insurance, as well.

I guess it’s time I get to working on my suggestions for solutions, because I definitely have a problem.

4 thoughts on “Are laws good or bad?

  1. How refreshing to have someone admit the truth and realize what it takes to resolve it. I’ve been working Public Policy issues for over 17 years and it’s so easy to complain but when you ask those same complainers what we’re supposed to do to fix the problem it seems they suddenly disappear. It’s like telling folks we need to raise taxes, whose taxes shall we raise? It is NEVER theirs! Nice job, thank you!!!

    • No, thank YOU…for giving of your time and your self for so many years. I have a feeling that I’m just getting started down my political road – and I’m actually looking forward to it. Here’s hoping that my refreshing point of view doesn’t disappear before then. πŸ™‚ Although, my kids just vetoed my earlier bedtime proposal. It’s a good thing I reminded them that our house doesn’t constitute a democracy. πŸ˜€

  2. but when a law hurts far more than it helps and cost outrageous amounts of money to get in action. I believe they could have used that money more wisely to target the original people they were trying to help. now that they have f’up the previous health care system it will be very hard to go back to something that will work equal or better! the current administration dropped the ball on this one, the president wanted something to put his name on to define his presidency! congratulations he did it a total cluster f*!

  3. Sadly our health care system is a broken, losing battle. It was before “the law” and likely will be for a long time. But you are so very right, we all hold responsibility and possess the power to elicit change. Hoping your new policy doesn’t suck!

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