Day 21 – Thoughts on distance

I’m sitting in a hotel room, half-way across the state from my farm, and tonight I’m thinking about the meaning of distance.

According to the dictionary, distance is the “amount of space between two things or people.” And distance is a relative thing.

Distance no longer means what it used to, it’s much more relative now.

For example, you can be in the same room with someone, and still be light years away, or you can be half-way across the country, yet feel like you’re in the same room. And social media has closed that gap even further. I was talking to my friend on FaceTime the other night, while she was in her hotel room in Hershey, PA, showing me the pictures on the walls, her hotel key (with a chocolate bar on it, of course), and other cool décor in her room. I wasn’t there with her, but for a few moments, it was like we were in the same room, just having a chat.

It’s truly amazing what technology has done for our world, good and bad.

I can now say that I have friends that live entirely too far from me, when you figure it in miles, yet are right here with me, when you consider true distance. It’s amazing, and mind-boggling, all at the same time.

Now, if we could just get that teleportation stuff figured out…then we’d be getting somewhere! 😉

3 thoughts on “Day 21 – Thoughts on distance

  1. “you can be in the same room with someone, and still be light years away” #deep #preach Haha. Just having fun! But more seriously, that is so true. Good thoughts. Good post. Thanks!

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