Day 3 – Thoughts on Football

I’m sitting on a couch, supposed to be working on a few assignments, and remembered that I hadn’t completed Day 3 of my 30 Days of Thoughts. And while I planned on doing to in-depth, soul-searching posts, I’m just not feeling it today.

So I’ll write about what’s in front of me…a football game.

I just so happen to be watching the Steelers – Patriots playing, and I have to say, one of my favorite things about Sundays is watching football.

Yeah, I’m one of those girls.

You know, the type that likes sports, prefers to get dirty and (until recently) spent very little time on things like fashion and makeup. I prefer to be outside, not in. I enjoy hunting, fishing and camping (although my idea of “roughing it” is a fully-equipped camper). And there are days that nothing sounds better than a nice cold beer.

My buck from a few years ago...yep, I hunt.

My buck from a few years ago…yep, I hunt.

Back to the football…

Here’s why I like watching football:

  • It’s exciting, ever-changing and speaks to my inner-Neanderthal.
  • I have four boys. ‘Nuf said.
  • These dudes are getting paid some big bucks. I might as well watch.
  • I enjoy the uniform fashion trends.
  • There’s something about the tradition of football that I enjoy. All levels: pony, high school, college, professional.
  • I like doing things not expected of me.

There’s a ton of other reasons, but that’s a pretty good start.

I promise, the rest of my 30 Days won’t be this lame. 😉

See you tomorrow!

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