Just a glimpse

After a post that I wrote two years ago went viral, I’ve had a slug of comments from people across the globe. Most are encouraging and supportive, some are people with genuine interest in learning more, and a few are down right hilarious!

But then there’s the detractors.

You know what I mean, right? They point out inadequacies and make you feel guilty for not including everything. So here goes nothing…

A few have chastised me for complaining about my farm life, and have encouraged me to spend more time outdoors, standing next to my hubby than at the keyboard, lamenting about my spot in life. To those people, I must apologize.

I didn’t mean for it to sound as if I’m ungrateful or bitter or pining away at my kitchen table, dreaming of a moment stolen with my spouse (although, that does sound a tad bit more romantic than real life). My post was merely a moments entertainment, that somehow struck a chord with a few hundred thousand people, give or take.

And my moments spent with Boss Man? Well, I don’t usually publicize them. You see, those are my special memories, that I keep close to my heart and they keep me going when our worlds seem so crazy. But just to give you proof, here’s a little glimpse:

I'm on the cutting edge of blizzard fashion, I know.

I check cows…usually at night, mostly in the winter. He must love me, when I go out looking like this, right???

My husband's comment when I asked him to take a picture of us working? "If I take the picture of you, won't they wonder why I'm not working too?"

My husband’s comment when I asked him to take a picture of us working? “If I take the picture of you, won’t they wonder why I’m not working too?”

Cleaned up and off the farm...hardly recognize us!

Cleaned up and off the farm…hardly recognize us!

Pitching fresh hay in calf shelters. It’s more fun when you work together!

teamwork, farmwork

Working together…these moments mean the most.


7 thoughts on “Just a glimpse

  1. Well do not worry or apologize for what others think you should or should not do. Until they are in your shoes or boots, they have no clue about your life. They probably complain about what other people do or do not do.
    I doubt you were complaining, at least that is not the way most folks see your comments. I wonder how you get all done you do in a day. They must not have a life or a family to take care of. My parents worked together on the farm year around, Dad would tell Mom stay in the house today and do what you need to do. I will holler if I need you. he could have used her help, he also knew she needed to do some work in the house and knew she needed to rest some also. Us kids helped a lot both inside and outside. After we were gone He would help her with dishes, laundry, etc. cause he said she was outside and he would help her. By then he was slowing down. they sold farm at age 60 and good thing they did. Dad lived 20 more years and Mom is 95 now and she would not have made it that long.
    Sooo do not apologize for what you and your Husband do. It is your business how you do your work.
    We live in Kansas and all the rain we had this summer has been wonderful. Fall crops are looking great. Sharon Drake Sept. 4, 2013

  2. Working together, side by side, is not always the easiest of times! However, I love working with Jim in the wheat fields! It’s when we get back home and live in different worlds that I find most difficult. I love summers and harvest mostly for the time we get to work together towards a common goal!

  3. You’ve found the secret to a happy marriage when you farm…Love and Laughter. It drives us, keeps things in perspective and keeps us young at heart. You don’t sign up for a “perfect world” when you marry a farmer…Life would be boring in a “perfect world’ anyways. It is very obvious in your passionate writing that you love your “Boss man”, your family and your farm life. Keeping it real with a sense of humor keeps all of us from being committed to the “nut house.” I applaud you for all of it! You remind us that with every blog you write, so please keep blogging! With Love from Wisconsin, Lori

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