Winter weather

We’re getting geared up for calving to start in just about two weeks, which means that we could have calves any day now.

And just to remind us who’s in charge, Mother Nature gave us a little wake-up call today. We’re hoping all the calves stay where it’s warm until this front moves through!

Winter weather is upon us!

Winter weather is upon us!

Visibility is dropping, but the temperatures are staying mild.

George was excited to see the snow at first, but has changed his mind now. He’d like to go swimming. You know, 3-year-olds…they keep you on your toes!


4 thoughts on “Winter weather

    • I agree! As much as I dislike the cold weather, I’m grateful that we’re not dealing with ice right here. Other parts of the state have problems, but so far it’s mostly snow here. I just hope we don’t get a foot of the stuff!

  1. Ugh, calving in the winter has so many variables. I hope the temperatures stay alight. We have one calf now, and waiting on two others before we leave for Iowa Beef Expo. The rest will be in March.

    • I also hope the temperatures stay a little higher than they have been. Calving early in the year is difficult, but cold temperatures and frozen ground is a lot easier for our family to work with than mud and muck. Our facilities just don’t lend themselves to later spring calving. I hope your season is easy and stress-free! (We can dream, right?)

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