When the wife responds…

I have a ton of stuff to get you all caught up on, but I have to share my little story first.

Last night, as I was reading through our emails (they sometimes pile up a mile high, you know?), I caught a message from Boss Man’s friend, who just so happens to be an equipment dealer. He was getting Mark some information regarding the upgrade that they talked about for our payloader (it’s a machine that Mark uses to clean the manure out of the cattle lots, move junk, sometimes snow, etc.).

Well, an upgrade was all news to me. We have a ton of house projects that we need to work on, but I didn’t know that he was thinking about changing some of the equipment. And, truthfully, it’s not real surprising, since I’m usually the last to know! 🙂

I apparently was feeling pretty cheeky last night, because I decided to pay my dear hubby back by replying to the email. And this is what I wrote:

After consulting with my beautiful wife, I've decided that to
spend more money on farm equipment is futile. I shall spend
the rest of my days trying to please her exquisite tastes,
flying to the corners of the world, taking trips abroad, and
showing her the seven wonders of the world...of which, she is
the eighth. Sorry, but I will no longer have time for trivial
things, such as cattle, hunting or just wasting time away
visiting with others.

I followed with:

Yeah, well, I guess I’ll pass this message on to Mark. 😉


Lesson of the day: Perhaps we should discuss major purchases…you never know who will respond to the email!

8 thoughts on “When the wife responds…

  1. Yet another similarity between Mark and Guy!!! I am usually the last to know. A couple weeks ago he was looking at trading tractors and he called and told me about what he liked and disliked about the tractor and asked my for my women’s intuition on this trade. Things are going great right??? We are discussing things logicially, etc… Through our discussion I felt he was not satisfied with the tractor and would keep looking. Two days later I get a call as I am sitting getting my hair hi-lited and he tells me be bought the tractor. Done deal. What??? Well, the dealer had decided to fix the stuff that was wrong and go halvzies on the tires. So he got sucked in. I said a call to me BEFORE this one would have been nice. We were so close to good communiciation. Oh well, it’s much better than ususal. I’m ususally the one getting messages like that or finding out from my mother/father in law what Guy is doing!!!! 🙂

    • I remember one day when a gentleman pulled into the yard with a mixer wagon, a bill and a pen for me to sign for delivery. He was a little concerned when I told him there was no way I was signing! (Much to Mark’s relief, he pulled into the yard before the man left with the mixer.) I told him that it could have been solved with a little communication! This time, I decided to have a little fun with it! 🙂

  2. THis is funny! My husband has done the same thing, he picked out the car and the truck several years back, I like the way you handled it, Im sure he’ll get a hard time for this for a while from the men.

  3. This seems like a situation that happens way to often to people. My father in-law is exactly like this. His wife is the last person to know what is going on.

    Honestly, this shouldn’t happen at all. You should be open and honest with your partner. If that partner is your wife, all the more reason to be open.

    Communication is key, Whether that communication is with your wife or your business partner, it makes a world of difference.

    I mean by communicating you can make sound financial decisions. It can also help you avoid making silly decisions, like buying another tractor.

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