A large case of Mommy-guilt

I’m suffering from a case of Mommy-guilt. A bad case. Normally when I think of Mommy-guilt, it’s involving moms that work, but that’s not my case. But it doesn’t make it any less painful.

It started about 3 years ago. Shortly after our youngest was born, I started to have a feeling that something wasn’t right. Late-onset jaundice that took almost two weeks to improve, body tone that didn’t seem quite right, lack of growth…it was all screaming at me, loudly.
After numerous doctor’s appointments, some helpful, some not, we ended up traveling to Mayo for answers. We’ve been coming here ever since.
The Mommy-guilt started then. At first, before we knew what we were dealing with, it was simply that I wasn’t around for my other children like I wanted to be. Our poor 5-year-old would be dropped off at our drop-in daycare and I would be off to an appointment, only to have George admitted and I wouldn’t be home for a few days.
It was traumatic for him…and for me.
And now, here I am again, except this time with my father. I will miss Trick-or-Treating tonight, Parent-Teacher conferences tomorrow and a slew of other little events. The kids know I’m with Grandpa at the doctor’s. They call and give me updates. We have a wonderful young lady who is more than willing to step in and help my husband keep the kids on track.
But this Mommy-guilt is killing me.

5 thoughts on “A large case of Mommy-guilt

  1. I’ve been there…our oldest was diagnosed with MS at 13, and started at the Mayo at 16. We’ve missed concerts, trick-or-treating, and other special events. Hang in there! The kids won’t hold it against you!
    Wishing you safe travels, and good outcomes!

  2. I think every mom at some point suffers from Mommy-Guilt. Just because it’s impossible to be everywhere with everyone at the same time and sometimes things come up that need our attention and we miss a couple special moments. But don’t worry, it’s probably harder on you then it is your kids. In fact, when they’re all grown up, even if they do remember you missing trick or treating this year, they will remember you were there Grandpa when he needed you most and they will appreciate you more than ever. 🙂

  3. You’re doing a fantastic job and no one is a better mom to your kids than you – even if your attention isn’t always focused on them. And besides… if wasn’t mommy guilt, it would be daughter guilt. 🙂 Hang in there!

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