Thankful Thursday – It could have been worse

This wasn’t the post I intended to write today. These weren’t the pictures I hoped to share. But Mother Nature has a funny way of deciding what does and does not happen.

Last night, shortly before I was planning to go to bed, the TV warned of a storm that was heading towards our area. They stated that it had heavy rain, some hail and strong winds. I joked on Facebook that it better go around, because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a storm.

She showed me.

The first storm hit about 10 p.m., and although at first seemed to not be that bad, it quickly changed its tune. We had a lot of hail, wind took down sections of fence and spun our calf shelter, killing one calf and injuring another.

Hail out our door last night, storm #1.

I thought that was it, and went to bed, knowing there wasn’t anything we could do during the night.

And then at 4 this morning, another storm came through…bringing more hail, more wind, but thankfully, no more destruction.

In total, we received 1.15″ of rain, and a solid coating of hail. The pictures speak more than I can:

Drift of hail left yet this morning.

More hail…

Our trailer was “hailed.” 😉

This calf shelter is supposed to protect calves, not hurt them. But the storm last night rotated this shelter to the north 90 degrees, killing one calf in the process.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – It could have been worse

  1. So Sorry – Chris has always hated Spring he says that most people love it because they think of renewal but that Spring is actually very violent and he doesn’t like it – you just never know what can happen in a spring storm!

    • We don’t normally have storms like this until June or July. And to get hit twice in one night is also odd…yet, nothing about this year has been “normal,” so I guess we should expect it!

  2. Aww that’s stinks! Its sad when something like that happens, and I agree with Chris – spring storms tend to be worse. We once lost a cow and calf to lightening during a spring storm. Thats the only animals we’ve ever lost directly to weather. Hope your weekend is sunny and bright!

  3. There definitely has been some extreme weather this week in the Midwest! Hope the clean up is going well and that the sun starts shining soon to dry everything up.

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