Celebrating…and a new project

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am sad to announce that I am starting my final year of being eligible to be considered a Young Farmer and Rancher through Farm Bureau. If you’re familiar with the program, then you know how old I am…if not, just know that I’m still considered “young,” ‘k?

Today is my handsome little man’s birthday! Happy third birthday, George! It’s been a wild ride these last 3 years, but I’m hopeful that we are on an even keel for a bit. That is my birthday wish!

It’s been a crazy few weeks, as I mentioned earlier this week. And now we picked it up a notch. In fact, I bought an official planner yesterday, because my brain is getting muddled and I am having a hard time remembering where to be when, when to be where and who all needs to be with me. Good thing I remembered the birthdays!

I wrote a blog post earlier this week about the flawed Measure 2 in North Dakota. It was emailed to several different people, and I was asked if I would be willing to submit it to area papers as a letter to the editor. I had no problem with that, so I did.

And then began another dose of craziness.

After a back-and-forth conversation with one editor, he commented that he enjoyed my blog, and would like to feature it on their web page, with a group of blogs called, “Areavoices.” I was excited about the opportunity, and really was interested in sharing my voice with this new group of people. And so I said yes.

While trying to get it all set up, I quickly learned that I would have to give up wagfarms.com if I went solely with Areavoices…so I decided to set up a second blog. (Yeah, I know, I need my head examined.)

Now, don’t worry, this blog is my baby. I’m in love with it, and all of you. I will continue to write about our farm, our lives, our struggles and our triumphs. I will continue to give my opinions on those things happening around the world and how it will translate to our farm. Eventually this blog will be printed in book format for each of my sons, so that they can see how we evolved and changed through the years. Yet, I had to take the opportunity to spread my wings a bit and share with others those same things.

My Areavoices blog will be more about issues and farm-related education as opposed to my family. I will connect the two and refer back and forth, but they will, indeed, be separate. Right now, I can completely see how this will work…but I realize it may evolve and change as time goes on. I’m OK with that.

So, check it out, let me know what you think…and one more quick birthday shout out to George!

Sleeping on the floor in the kitchen at Grandma's house, waiting next to Grandpa's lunchbox...now that's relaxed!

Mommy loves you!

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