This Shirt Works!

Carhartt…it’s a brand that every man recognizes and respects. And you’ll find it on many items hanging in our entry way. And now you’ll find it in the Boss Man’s drawers!

The Real Farmwives gave us a chance to try out something new out of the Carhartt spring series, and after perusing Boss Man’s work clothes collection, I realized he was sorely in need of a new work shirt or two.

Starting off the morning at the computer...ordering parts, checking the markets.

Now, to be one of the Boss Man’s work shirts, not just any shirt will do. He’s kind of particular about them. He prefers button down or snaps, he likes to have a pocket (that can button close), it must be comfortable and it must be cut right.

And this shirt hit all of those marks.

Working on making tags for the new calves born. Yellow tags are heifer (girl) calves, white tags are bull (boy) calves.

Tagging our calves is an important part of keeping a close eye on our herd.

Not only that, but from a laundry standpoint, it hits some of the big things thatI look for in a work shirt. It cleans easy, it’s well-made, and it doesn’t need a lot of care (like ironing!).

Occasionally, we need to re-do the cow tags as well. For instance, sometimes they become hard to read, thanks to the weather.

Thank you, Carhartt! For hearing my wishes, even before I knew them myself!

Getting ready to head to the field and start spring's farm work!

Prep work is wrapping up, and soon we'll see this shirt in a tractor cab!

And now, head on over to The Real Farmwives page and enter for your own chance to win a great item from Carhartt! (The chances there are better than the Mega Millions lottery!)

Carhartt provided the shirt for my hubby to try out, but the thoughts and ideas are my own.

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