Super Sunday

A little over a week ago, the nation joined together on Sunday afternoon and watched a football game. But the best part of my day came hours before that.

Earlier that day, I had taken my boys to church and while waiting for them to finish up with Sunday school, I went to my parents’ house and checked in with them. My Dad was talking about how nice it was, and how he should be out ice fishing.

I took that opportunity to convince him that it would be a great idea for us to take the older boys fishing that afternoon, we had plenty of time to get there and back before the big game was scheduled to begin.

And what a day it was!

What a great day!

Of course, as usual, I wasn’t quite dressed for the endeavor. Since this wasn’t a planned event, I just went with the flow and trekked out on the ice in my knee-high boots. It was a bit slippery, and they’re not very well insulated, but it was worth the fun!

Scooter and I, enjoying the day!

We caught a total of four fish, two of them were about 8 pounds. Guess what we had for supper?

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