Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Break

Great Christmas celebrations!


EJ lost a fingernail during a Christmas-gift-opening incident. Let's just say that it involved a concrete floor, knee-high boots and a hand. Needless to say, the fingernail was ripped completely out and EJ's days of being a hand model are over. Just when you thought you had your child's future planned. 😉


Scooter turned 8 on New Year's Eve. A tough time to have a party, that's for sure.


Grandpa tried to convince Scooter that he should share his birthday gifts...at least the cash ones!

1 thought on “Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Break

  1. Good pictures, it looks like everyone had a good time. Poor EJ and his finger nail! That is a hard time to have a party, my birthday is on 19 Dec. so I know what you mean. And thats pretty funny Grandpa having fun with Scooter.

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