Wordless Wednesday – Winds of Change

This summer we were hit hard by a storm. Although it was not ruled a tornado, just straight-line winds in excess of 125 mph. Yeah, the wind blew a little. There was not a building on the farm that wasn’t damaged…and Boss Man is lucky to be alive. You can read about it here.

Harvest finished early this year, giving us time to get things taken care of before snow flies. And here it is, almost Dec. 1, and still no snow. Amazing!

So Boss Man, his dad and a friend worked on repairing the damage.

This is the west end of the shop Mark was in when the storm hit. The whole side is caved in.


And now it looks like this:

Good as new!


The old wooden bins that used to set on the east side of the farmstead were blown away:

This bin should be sitting on the cement slab...the other bin is strewn across our corn field.


That area now looks like this:

EJ has instructed me that these bins are for his corns. Dad gets to use the big ones further east of the farm.


Sometimes, when we’re not ready to adjust to change, the decision is taken out of our hands. The best we can hope for is to hang on for the ride and sort things out when all is said and done.

We still have a few roofs to fix, garage doors to put on, fence to mend and a barn to put back together, but God has blessed us so far…and I know we’ll get it done. One step at a time, that’s the way it all goes.


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