Trucker Tuesday

Cross one thing off my bucket list…I can drive a semi. OK, not only do I have the ABILITY to drive a semi, I actually did it. This morning. By myself. With a load of straw. And nothing fell off. Really.

What? It’s not your dream to drive a semi? Well, it wasn’t mine either. But when the boys got on the bus this morning, the house phone rang and Boss Man was in a bind. He needed to get the straw bales off the field before the cows came home…today. I know, I know, nothing like waiting for the last minute. But it encouraged me to bite the bullet and say, “Sure!”

This was the view through my windshield:

Big rig mama, that's right!


I will admit, all the buttons and switches and doodads kind of fascinated me. But I didn’t play and stuck to the guidelines given. And I would do it again, in a heartbeat!

Some days, when I’m all wrapped up in kids and house-stuff and dishes and laundry, I wish that I was more involved in the day-to-day activities on the farm. I know I’ll have my time (once some of the wee ones aren’t so wee), but I love being outdoors. And the thought of spending a day in the peace and quiet of a tractor is like balm to my soul.

But for now, I’ll enjoy each of these little snippets of farm life that I get to enjoy. Who knows when the next one will come!

Yes, those are black fuzzy slip-ons...I didn't say I was DRESSED to drive semi, just that I was able to! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Trucker Tuesday

  1. I love it!!! I’ve ridden with my older son in our grain truck and have the trucker name “short stack”….enjoy the times you are able to do this now…in time you may work yourself out of a “job” …..that is my season now and we are blessed that our children want to come back and farm with us…it’s truly a joy!!

    • Well, a comment from you has made my day, Leontien! So happy to hear you’re feeling better! I’ve been praying for you and your Cancer Kicking Side-kicks! 🙂 Much love and hugs from North Dakota.

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